From 90cm god bust to the attention “minimum glamorous beauty” … 14 gravure shots

Kodansha’s comic magazine “Young Magazine” website “Yanmaga Web” gravure was released from the 4th to the 9th. On the site, all of Yanmaga’s serialized works are updated daily for free, and the original gravure is updated daily. On Monday “Yoshino Chitose!”, 90 cm god bust Aoi Haru and Aika Sawaguchi, whose 2nd photo book “Tall Stretch” is selling explosively, appeared, and on Tuesday “Gravure is a swimsuit 〇〇” I like manga. Yoshino Chitose reads in the usual style. Hundred flowers of Goshima will appear on Wednesday “Young actress, see from Gra? Do you see from emo?” On Thursday “Digital Photobook Chira Show”, Chinese cosplayer Shika, who is attracting worldwide attention, showed a cosplay as if she had jumped out of the second dimension from the digital photobook “Dream Shape”, and on Friday “Miss Magazine’s Asobiba” Haruka Arai, Masakura Goto, Hina Kikuchi, Nagisa Hayakawa, and Riko Otsuki challenge the Hanako board under the theme of “New Year’s holidays with Miss Magazine 2020 members”. On Saturday, “Gravure-chan wants to buzz”, 18-year-old Shiori Ikemoto, who is the hottest “minimum glamorous beauty” in 2021, will be fascinated by her gravure. (c) Kan Kumagai / Yanmaga Web (c) Ryoma Kanoura / Yanmaga Web (c) Yuichi Sato / Yanmaga Web (c) Shota Makino / Yanmaga Web (c) Yuichi Sato / Yanmaga Web (c) Kazunori Fujimoto, Yuichi Sato / Yanmaga Web (c) Takeo Dec./Yanmaga Web