Getters Iida fortune-telling “2021 fortune”! What is the future of YOASOBI / Ayase?

The live broadcast program “JUMP UP MELODIES TOP20 supported by Ginza Sony Park” of TOKYO FM, where Osamu Suzuki (THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE) serves as a personality. With the cooperation of music distribution service Spotify, the top 20 songs whose access soared this week will be counted down live.

On December 18th (Friday), YOASOBI, a unit consisting of vocaloid producer Ayase and singer-songwriter ikura, will appear for 3 hours! Ayase, who was forgotten by Getters Iida, who appeared as a guest on that day. We asked them to see their luck in 2021 and their future as a producer.

(From left) Osamu Suzuki, Ayase, Getters Iida, ikura, Jin

◆ What is Ayase’s personality?

Iida: Basically, the roots are very serious. It can be done steadily, but the foundation is a little strange, “serious metamorphosis type”. It’s serious but it’s changed, and it’s changed but it’s serious. The base is a pretty hard worker. It’s stubborn.

The confusing thing is that I have a strong ego but have a “pulling habit”. I refrain from having a high pride. It’s a complex where you have “I’m not confident”, and that’s a good way to become a power and try to move.

◆ What is Ayase’s fortune in 2021?

Iida: I’ve been working on unexpected developments since this year, so I think I’m enjoying the part where jobs that are different from my expectations come and are evaluated. From 2021, we will be able to gradually distinguish what we want to do and what we do not do, so I think we will move forward in the area of ​​”new flow.” However, next year, it’s easy to lose love in fortune-telling, so love is a little …

Ayase: I haven’t done it right now, but if a new love sprout, could it be ruined?

Iida: It may end short. I have no eyes to see women.

Ayase: I was told very straightforwardly (laughs)! I don’t see it …

Iida: I like black-haired, serious and friendly children, but it’s easy to get hooked on strange children.

Ayase: That’s right (laughs)!

ikura: I thought so (laughs).

Iida: Because I’m dating the first or second stranger.

Ayase: I’m scared … (laughs). Eh! Amazing !!

ikura: I’m too addicted to it …

◆ What is your future as a producer?

Osamu: How about as a producer?

Iida: It contains art and art, and can be calculated. It is a type that makes a fairly modest strategy. Rather than a one-shot reversal, the idea of ​​”let’s do it steadily” came out. It will be even better in 6, 8, and 9 years from here. It’s changed from this year, but there is something I want to do in earnest, and I’m starting to say, “I still have to develop various strengths,” so I’ve expanded my network from about two or three years later. Will be useful later.

Osamu: How old are you now?

Ayase: I’m 26 years old.

Osamu: That’s just right. When I was about 30 years old, it was very important as a man to break this year and get stronger and stronger.

Ayase: Will there be good people at that time?

Osamu: But if you don’t see it …

Iida: Even though I’m thinking about getting married right away, I get heavy and say, “I want to leave suddenly.”

Ayase: That’s amazing (laughs).

Iida: Also, I love kissing.

Ayase: … it’s amazing. That’s a little … (bitter smile).

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