Getters Iida’s most disciple, Preadice Rena, is instructed! “How to prepare your house” to improve your luck

The TOKYO FM program “Good Room Net presents Jiro Sato’s Good Room Jiro”, in which actor Jiro Sato serves as a personality. Sato will be the “landlord” of “Good Room Jiro” and the listener will be the “resident” to answer daily worries and questions. Continuing from the previous episode, the fortune-teller, Reina Puri Adis, will appear as a guest on the broadcast on Saturday, January 9th. I was taught how to prepare my house to improve my luck.

(From left) Jiro Sato, Reina Puri Adis

◆ What is wrong with the room or toilet?

Sato asks a frank question, “I often hear that cluttered rooms make you unlucky. Why?” To this, Rena said, “From the perspective of Feng Shui, the” flow of energy “is likely to get stuck in a house where wasteful things are placed.”

“The clutter of the room itself is a minus, but in the first place, if there are so many things or there are household appliances that are not in use, it becomes easier to generate” negative feeling “, so use it now as much as possible. If you don’t have the space to put it away, you should dispose of it. ” For example, in the case of seasonal home appliances. It is NG to leave it out when not in use, and it is said that it “makes the flow of luck worse”.

Also, it is NG to keep the toilet seat of the Western style toilet raised. “In the first place, the toilet is an unclean place, and it’s a place where you’re (unlucky) unlucky no matter where you are in the floor plan. It is said that “keep the lid open”. I think it’s better to get in the habit of closing it because bad feelings will come in more and more. “

◆ Improve your luck in the bathroom!

Next is the bathroom. “Like the toilet, it’s a place to wash away your tiredness and bad things, so for example, throw away even a little hair every day at the drain. Clean it so that bad things flow from top to bottom. Of course, if possible, it is easier to get rid of tiredness by replacing what is in a plastic container with a pottery container. “

According to Rena, the bathroom is a place where “water” is flowing. On the other hand, because plastic is “fire”, “it is easy to collide with water and fire. Pottery is” earth “, but it has the meaning of solidifying the foundation and protecting one’s health and luck, so if you replace it with pottery , It is said that the flow of the body will be improved. “

Also, when Sato luckily asked where to wash his body first, Rena said, “I can’t say fortune-telling where to wash my body (bitter smile).” “It’s also related to sleep time, but good feelings flow from the tip of the head to the feet. If you think so, the order of washing the body is to wash from the head, face, body … feet (bottom) I think it’s better to go to). “

◆ Timing is important when moving

Lastly, about moving and searching for properties. “Actually, there is a good luck to move. There is a luck that is decided immediately after you start looking for it, and a luck that you can’t find forever, so timing is important when you move,” says Rena. ..

In response to this advice, Sato said, “I see, but what you just said can be understood in many ways. For example, when you’re doing a play or writing activity and you get bogged down, you can leave a little” pause “… Rena said, “If you are writing, I want to tell the world what you are doing, depending on the content!” If you have a strong feeling of “, it is better to write it facing” east “”.

Over the course of two weeks, Sato was convinced by Rena’s persuasive words, “I may become a person who believes in fortune-telling.”

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