“Gintama THE FINAL” Tomokazu Sugita talks about his thoughts for 15 years, Rie Kugimiya apologizes to herself who was pure

The public commemorative stage greeting of the theater animation “Gintama THE FINAL” based on Hideaki Sorachi was held today at Shinjuku Baltic 9 in Tokyo on January 9th. At the event, Tomokazu Sugita as Gintoki Sakata, Daisuke Sakaguchi as Shinpachi Shimura, Rie Nagimiya as Kagura, Mikako Takahashi as Sadaharu, Isao Kondo as Chiba Progress, Toshiro Hijikata as Kazuya Nakai, Sougo Okita Participants include Kenichi Suzumura as Satoru, Akira Ishida as Kotaro Katsura, Fumihiko Tachiki as Taizo Hasegawa, also known as Madao, and Chizuru Miyawaki. The cast members will be dressed in gorgeous costumes such as hakama, sunny clothes, and black ties, and will be on stage with a gold sword. Sugita shows off a silver haori hakama named after the role, and Elizabeth transforms into a cow pattern because this year’s zodiac is the year of the ox. Everyone gave a New Year’s greeting saying “Happy New Year!” And the event started lively. Sugita commented on the work, which was dubbed “THE FINAL,” that “it contains the culmination of 15 years.” He mentions the creatives of the staff who have been handed down from time to time, such as music and CG, and says, “I’m glad that our play is like the secret sauce that was added.” Sakaguchi was deeply moved, saying, “The ending of the past TV series has been incorporated, and what has been going on for 15 years will be like this.” Kugimiya says, “I was really impressed by the fact that the music and the action matched and the development increased, and I thought that everyone who had been supporting me for a long time would definitely increase.” Takahashi was worried about what happened to Sadaharu at the end of the TV series, and smiled, “I was impressed just because it appeared in the movie this time!” Chiba said, “There was a scene that Takasugi hadn’t seen much, and when I saw it as a viewer, there was a very good scene,” said Shinsuke Takasugi, one of the key persons this time. Nakai laughed, “There was something that made me laugh at the realistic sound effects of the scene where Shinpachi stepped on the gero,” Suzumura said. “How to use” was appealed. Ishida said, “It’s a very good story because it depicts something like a bond in which Gintoki, Takasugi, and Katsura are connected at the bottom while they are at odds with each other.” However, he continued, “Because it is” Gintama “, it is as you would expect that it will not end with just a good story! I want you to watch it while screaming” Katsura, persistent! “In my heart.” In addition, Tachiki says, “I’m glad that Hasegawa is bumpy in the world of” Gintama “. If there is anything else in the future, please keep it bumpy!” Director Miyawaki seems to be unable to hide his tension, saying, “Rather, we are facing the greatest challenges right now!” Rather than at the production site. While the cast members cheered “Good luck!”, “There were a lot of difficult things, but every time the people around me helped me and the cast members encouraged me, here. I’m really glad I got there, “he said. From here, the cast members look back on 15 years and go to the corner where they will show the episodes “I’m sorry” and “Thank you” that I can say now. Sugita picked up the scene of singing “Sen no Kaze ni Natte” in the TV series, and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t sing seriously. Thank you everyone, it’s ridiculous! ” Kugimiya said, “I never wanted to say the bottom story at first, but if any dirty words were in the script, I could mutter lightly.” To myself, “I’m sorry, Mr. Kugimiya in the pure age!” And apologize. Tachiki expressed his gratitude to the co-stars, saying, “I really like the voice actor members of” Gintama “, and they are the best in Japan! Thank you very much!” It was. After this, a message from Satoshi Hino, who plays Kamui, will be released as a secret guest. The message begins with Kamui’s voice, “The food on earth is delicious!”, And words reminiscent of Kamui’s lines appear, “I’ll kill the great man who didn’t call (Kamuy in the stage greeting).” At the end, Hino himself concluded, “My heart is always full of Gintama! Please enjoy the last Gintama!” At the end, Kugimiya read a letter from the original author, Sorachi. It started with a laid-back atmosphere that regretted being “THE FINAL”, but ended with an empty sentence full of laughter. Finally, Director Miyawaki sent a message to the fans, “I hope everyone will be able to watch this movie for a long time.” Sugita said, “The anime is once final, but the work will continue to remain, and we should move toward the future,” and the event ended. Hideaki Sorachi’s letter This day has finally come.
This anime, which has been fraudulently ending many times, will soon reach its true end. Are you ready for your heart?
Feel free to cry and say goodbye, or laugh and say goodbye.
In the way you think it is
I hope you enjoy the last encounter with them and them.
e? Am I? I … maybe I’ll cry.
I was looking forward to it, but I thought it would be nice if this day didn’t come.
…… But I’ll wipe my tears and say this.

Farewell, Shinji, Rei, Asuka.
Farewell, all Evangelion!
Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version January 23 Roadshow !!
Let’s all go see it !!

……e? Wrong? Not “Anno”, but “Ahono” Hideaki’s guy?
No, I’m doing a scam that ends with either one.
I’m sorry, that guy has nothing to say.
Maybe because Hideaki’s Aho friends are all throwing into the movie.
So we don’t have to say goodbye to Gintama.

I’m sure someday again.
Thank you millet poop.

Hideaki Aho (c) Hideaki Sorachi / Gintama Production Committee for the Movie