Mao Inoue cancels stage greetings and delivers “Yuchu Byu de Byu …” non-audience event

A public thank-you event for the movie “Great Rice Uproar” (released on January 8) was held on the 9th, with Mao Inoue, Shigeru Muroi, Sawa Suzuki, and Katsuhide Motoki appearing. Mao Inoue’s work is “Super High Speed! A historical comedy in which director Katsuhide Motoki and Mao Inoue of “Sankin-kotai” teamed up. In 1918 (Taisho 7), bonito (wife) living on the coast of Toyama were worried about the rising price of rice every day. Even if I want my husband and growing children to eat rice, it is too expensive to buy. The troubled bonito goes to a nearby rice shop to plead for cheap rice, but fails. The leader’s aunt is arrested. The price of rice is rising more and more, and the bonito that has reached the limit of patience in the wake of an accident finally takes action. Originally, the stage greeting was planned at Nihonbashi, but due to the announcement of the state of emergency, the event with spectators was canceled and refunded. After discussions including the cast, he said that he would like to send a message exactly, so he decided to hold an event for no audience in a hurry and will deliver it on YouTube later. Inoue, who starred in the film, said, “I was supposed to give a stage greeting today, but it was canceled. I thought some people were looking forward to it, and I’m very sorry.” However, “I had you set up a place like this, and unexpectedly I was able to make my debut on YouTube, so I hope I can enjoy it today. I’m doing it, “he said, turning his unfamiliarity into laughter. Muroi said, “A movie that involves me, the director, and many other Toyama people. Hokuriku has a lot of snow, and I was struck by the fact that I was asked to come to the theater. I think of Toyama, the setting of the story. Director Motoki said, “In the first state of emergency, we finished it remotely with a small number of people. And it was released on the first day at the timing of the announcement of the emergency predecessor and the record heavy snowfall.” It seemed like that, “Today’s stage greeting was unavoidably canceled, but Mao Inoue, the lead actor, said,’I want to convey a message because of this time,'” he revealed the details of the event. It was. Inoue said, “I gave up thinking that I couldn’t help it, but he told me that he would create this kind of shape, so I hope I can think differently from the usual stage greetings.” During the shooting, he said he had cut off rice to understand the feelings of the role, but he said, “Sake and vinegared rice are OK”, and he said, “I went to the izakaya behind the hotel and made sake for myself. “Bitter smile. Inoue recalled to Muroi and Suzuki, who said he was drinking almost every day, “I couldn’t go a lot because I had to stop the temptation of rice, but it was fun like a girls’ school every day.”