Pekopa Shupei appears in “Inspector Asagao” “” No way! “Feeling”

Shupei (Pekopa) will appear in the New Year SP of “Inspector Asagao” (Fuji TV, every Monday from 21:00), which will be broadcast on January 11. Month 9 is the first appearance for Shupei. Asagao Manki (Juri Ueno) and Taira (Saburo Tokitou) play the leading role of the Manju shop, which they stop by while walking around the hot spring town on a trip with their father and daughter.

This work is a sequel to the same masterpiece that was broadcast in the summer of 2019, and the forensic doctor Asagao and Asagao’s father and veteran detective Hira unravel the mysteries of various bodies.

In the New Year SP, the story from when Asagao and Shinya Kuwahara (Shunsuke Kazama) first met to dating as a lover, and from the time when Asagao was born with Tsugumi (Yuzuka Kato), has never been drawn. The story of the morning glory and Taira is drawn.

In addition, the episode of Asagao who first faced dissection as a surgical assistant is revealed. The body that was brought to Asagao and his friends, who were nervous because they were the first assistants to operate, was a man who was a writer of special modeling, and the first discoverer was a boy in the second grade of elementary school. When the body was found, sugar was sprinkled all over the body, and it was said that a fingerprint that looked like a boy was detected in the sugar case at the site where the body was found. While the detectives are not able to measure how this boy is involved, the result of the dissection is …

The appearance of Shupei this time is a collaboration project with the comprehensive variety show “Do8” (broadcast at midnight on December 12, 19 and 25, 2020), and by the same project, Kanade (3 o’clock heroine) ) Also appears in the same drama.

“Inspector Asagao” was a drama that I had been watching for a long time, so I was surprised when I heard about the appearance. It really felt like “No way! No way!” I was nervous because I had the lines properly. Kanade-chan also plays a good role.

In the previous episode 9, Shoshin Ushijima (Ayumu Mochizuki), a third-year medical student at a part-time job, took a photo of the body on his computer with a smartphone, and a friend of Ushijima posted the photo of the body on the Internet. I will publish it to. Attention was focused on the scene where the morning glory reminded Ushijima, who admitted the fact but did not show the color of remorse. On the Internet, “Everyone, regardless of age, can make a mistake if they make a mistake, and everyone who uses SNS should be careful.” “Mr. Asagao’s words can be included in textbooks. The more it pierces my heart, “he said.