TV anime “The Quintessential Quintessential ∬”, after one episode broadcast from the quintuplet cast & song comment

From the TV anime “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬”, full-size digital distribution of the OP & ED theme “The Quintessential Quintessential / Hatsukoi” has started. In addition, the cast members (Kana Hanazawa, Ayana Taketatsu, Miku Ito, Ayane Sakura, Inori Minase) who play the quintuplets released comments about the song and after the episode 1 was broadcast. ● After one episode broadcast from the quintuplet cast & song comment arrived

◎ Nakano Ichika: Comment from Kana Hanazawa

“If you see one episode, you will surely have to look at the next one. There are many factors to be worried about, and like the first episode,” Who and Kazetaro will stick together? ” I think I can continue to guess that. Especially in the story of the second term, Ichihana will play an important part, so I hope you will keep an eye on her. “
[The highlights of the opening “Five equal shapes” and the ending “Hatsukoi” of the second term]
“The opening is the same as in the first term, and I thought,’This is a must-have.’ I want to imitate with five roles per person in karaoke (laughs). There are various things in the main story, but this In the song, everyone’s “like” to Kazetaro is expressed straight, and it gives a very refreshing impression. The ending is a sad song in which the pain of first love is packed in the making like an idol song. I think it’s a song that you can listen to and immerse yourself in the lingering sound. ”

◎ Nino Nakano: Comment from Ayana Taketatsu

“When I think that the second term has finally begun, I feel a little disturbed … But I got into a fight because each other thinks about each other, and I’m also playing a really clumsy child. I think it’s a group of people, but after all I was able to feel the bond between the quintuplets, so I’m full of feelings that I want them to watch over me warmly until they make up. It will change, so I want you to see that change as well. “
[The highlights of the opening “Five equal shapes” and the ending “Hatsukoi” of the second term]
“I thought the opening was a cute and squeaky song. I like the fact that the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are properly included, which is like a quintuplet. “Hatsukoi” is a bit sad and sweet and sour ballad. Nino-chan has a few tunes and a lot of cute parts, but personally, singing with a lot of tunes puts a strain on the throat. That’s right. I remember that I didn’t have to hurt my throat because of the small amount of tunes this time (laughs). ”

◎ Miku Nakano: Comment from Miku Ito

“In the second term, the growth of the quintuplets is depicted, and there are some children whose appearances change drastically, there are changes in their feelings, their dreams, feelings for Kazetaro, and various other things are mixed. I think it will be attractive to see some realistic parts, so please look forward to it. Also, everyone’s facial expressions are richly drawn, so I would like you to pay attention to each one. “
[The highlights of the opening “Five equal shapes” and the ending “Hatsukoi” of the second term]
“When I first listened to” The Quintessential Quintessential “, I got goose bumps. I was so moved that I came back to tears. The goodness of the opening of the 1st term was followed, and the 2nd term It’s emo that I think that it’s a conflict because each of them grew up, and I’ve been repeating it since I got the sound source (laughs). Even the first line is myself That being said, it’s like “This is this!”. It makes me feel like I’m talking to myself. “Hatsukoi” is a slightly old-fashioned melody line that I can easily hear. It’s a song that seems to come. In “The Quintessential Quintessential”, the feelings of each person came out in front, but in “Hatsukoi”, there was an image like the feelings of all the quintuplets towards Kazetaro. I felt the bond between the five people and was healed, and it was very purified (laughs). ”

◎ Nakano Yotsuba: Comment from Ayane Sakura

“It’s a continuation from the first term, and I think that you are experiencing the atmosphere of” The Quintessential Quintessential “, which has a new overall atmosphere. As you go to the second half, not only the atmosphere of the image but also the character Our relationships and atmosphere will also change a little, so I hope you enjoy the human pattern of all the positive and negative things. “
[The highlights of the opening “Five equal shapes” and the ending “Hatsukoi” of the second term]
“When I first listened to” The Quintessential Quintessential “, it was designed to give a hint of the development of the final stage, and I felt a little lonely that I was really heading for the climax. “Koi” seems to be the ending, and it has a sad atmosphere, but the lyrics, Aira Yuhki, actually directed all the open ends of the first term, and it feels like she is watching the original more than anyone else. The atmosphere of the character and the work is very much in the lyrics, so I always look at the lyrics of Mr. Yuki, thinking that it is wonderful. ”

◎ May role of Nakano: Comment from Inori Minase

“In the second term, a mystery-solving element was added, and the key point was,’Who of the quintuplets experienced the unforgettable event for Kazetaro five years ago in Kyoto?’ I would like you to pay attention to what kind of feeling Kazetaro would feel if the girl who remembered that time appeared now. Not only the growth of the quintuplets, but also Kazetaro. There is a point in the first half of the game to decide something and make a decision, so I would be grateful if you could support Kazetaro’s growth together. “
[The highlights of the opening “Five equal shapes” and the ending “Hatsukoi” of the second term]
“I have the impression that the opening of this time is lined with lyrics that I couldn’t sing in the first term. Even in the first line, there was a wall against Kazetaro in the first term. However, this time, some people have a voice that makes me feel like I’ve fallen in love, and I think that’s an approach that can only be done in the second term, so I definitely want you to listen to it. The ending is very painful. It’s a sad song, but I love the pain. It’s an approach to sing while everyone recognizes that they like the same person, because these five people sing. I really feel that my heart is so squeaky, so I’m really looking forward to hearing it differently every time it’s played at the ending of the anime. “Kana Hanazawa Ayane Taketatsu Miki Ito Ayane Sakura Inori Minase Also, if you purchase a work related to bride music in five equal parts, you will win a “life-size standy” by lottery. “My bride campaign” is also decided. OP & ED of TV anime single CD released on February 17th, character song mini album released on March 3rd, and consumer game “The Quintessential Quintessential Quintessential ∬ ~ Summer Memories also Five Equals ~” released on March 24th The theme “Minamikaze / Summer Days” is the target product. For details, see the official anime website. (C) Negi Haruba / Kodansha / “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬” Production Committee