“Drink with Kenshi Yonezu in Shinjuku …” I was deeply moved by the shocking confession from Koichi Tsutaya!

“BAR in the radio” “TOKYO SPEAKEASY” broadcast on TOKYO FM from Monday to Thursday at 1:00 pm. The customers on December 29, 2020 (Tuesday) are music producer Koichi Tsutaya, comedy combination New York’s Kazuya Shima, and Hiromasa Yashiki. Mr. Tsutaya often watches the YouTube channel “New York Official Channel” in New York. What was the video that got you hooked?

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(Left) Koichi Tsutaya, (Right) New York (Back: Kazuya Shima, Front: Hiromasa Yashiki)

◆ If you say “Do you want to play Kenshi Yonezu game?” … (Tsutaya)

Tsutaya: I like New York-san’s YouTube and watch it a lot.

Yashiki / Shimasa: Thank you very much!

Tsutaya: I think it was a little over a year ago that I started seeing it, maybe last fall, but when I saw KREVA’s (themed) manzai and Kenshi Yonezu’s (themed) manzai, it was “insanely interesting.” I thought.

Mansion: I’m happy!

Shimasa: Great!

Tsutaya: That’s why KREVA and I have the same debut. Same label for years.

Yashiki: That’s right!

Tsutaya: KREVA is more like a person who wants to meet each other once or twice a year when they are in good shape, rather than friends. So (looking at the Manzai in New York), I felt like “Oh, I’m gonna say it.”

Shimasa: Really !? That’s amazing (laughs).

Tsutaya: And when I saw Yonezu’s Manzai, I was producing Yonezu. I think it was around the end of 2019, after Christmas, but I drank with Yonezu in Shinjuku. At that time, when I said “Do you know New York Manzai?”, He said “I know.”

Mansion: Ehhh !? Yaba!

Tsutaya: But I didn’t dislike it at all.

Yashiki / Shimasa: Really?

Tsutaya: When I said, “Well, do you want to play the Kenshi Yonezu game?”, He said, “Please forgive me” (laughs).

Mansion / Shimasa: Hahaha (laughs).

Shimasa: The one we made on YouTube (laughs).

Yashiki: At that time, the number of views of the people who were singing Mr. Yonezu’s song was increasing so much that we were trying to buzz, and he said, “Let’s do it!” What do you recognize?

Shimasa: That’s amazing.

Tsutaya: How do you make that kind of material?

Yashiki: While chatting with the two of us and the writer like this …

Tsutaya: Is it Mr. Okuda?

Shimasa: Thank you. Even the name of the YouTube writer (laughs).

Yashiki: It’s a different writer from Mr. Okuda.

Shimasa: It’s a solo live performance, or a sub-writer who cooperates when making material.

Yashiki: As a result, KREVA’s manzai is the most played video on our YouTube.

Tsutaya: I haven’t talked to KREVA about that manzai yet.

Mansion / Shimasa: Hahaha (laughs).

Yashiki: It’s a story I haven’t done in theaters, so it’s kind of like you can play it on YouTube.

Tsutaya: No, it was fun.

* * *

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