Minami Hamabe’s shrine maiden cosplay is highly acclaimed “It looks like it came out of an anime!”

Actresses Miho Kanno and Minami Hamabe will appear in the NTV variety special program “Smile God Suddenly … New Year 2 Hours SP” (19: 58-21: 54), which will be broadcast today. Minami Hamabe, who shows off her shrine maiden cosplay, will be co-starring as a mother and daughter in the new drama “My daughter can’t have a boyfriend !!”, which was provided by NTV on the 13th. Since the daughter played by the beach is a woman with an otaku temperament, she will participate in the “Otaku Experience Tour in Akihabara, a Sanctuary” with Daisuke Miyagawa and Chidori on this day. At the request of the beach, who said that they were “interested in cosplay,” five people immediately visited the cosplay store. Then, in the back of the store, I found a suspicious man wearing a super-eccentric cosplay from head to toe. He says that it is an original cosplay, and he reveals the unexpected use of cosplay, and Sugano and Hamabe are surprised. In fact, it turns out that this man, who rarely watches TV, does not know who the performers are, such as Sugano and Hamabe. Will the god of laughter come down by interacting with the completely unknown? And the beach shows off her long-awaited cosplay appearance. I chose the shrine maiden named after the New Year. The dignified appearance and lustrous appearance were highly praised as “It seems to have come out of the anime!” Then, “I also wanted to do it when I saw it,” Sugano decided to take on the cosplay challenge. What is the unexpected cosplay that Sugano chooses?