Slender beauty Reina Izumi boldly shows off her overwhelming style on her debut DVD

Reina Izumi, a gravure idol, has released the latest image DVD “I want to fall in love with a beautiful older sister” (on sale 4,400 yen including tax Publisher: Takeshobo). Reina Izumi, a gravure idol who released the DVD “I want to fall in love with a beautiful older sister” Reina Izumi, who has been active as a model and companion, started her gravure activities in earnest from the same DVD. At the age of 24, who is 160 cm tall and has beautiful, well-proportioned limbs of B81, W58, and H85 from the top, expectations are high for his future success. In this work, you can check the goodness of the style even in clothes such as CA costumes, but the power doubles when you wear a swimsuit. She wears highly exposed swimsuits such as V-shaped swimsuits, triangular bikinis, and eyepatch swimsuits, showing off her overwhelming style. In the latter half of the night bed, where you can enjoy adultness, you are directing an adult woman with a fresh body illuminated by lighting and a temptation to look at the camera.