★ Today’s fortune ★ 12 Horoscope ranking No. 1 …? ★ January 11 ★

Today’s fortune-telling delivered by the entertainment news & column “TOKYO FM +” from the radio. “12 constellation ranking & one point advice” What is your fortune today?

[1st place]Aries

On the last day of the holidays, you may want to challenge something more difficult than usual. It is also recommended to aim for qualification or learn something. If you read a business book before going to bed at night, you may find something useful for your work.

[2nd place]Sagittarius

The last day of consecutive holidays, which is often new. As the moon circulates around your constellation, you will often feel somehow squeaky. If you buy a new one that is old, your luck will improve further.

[3rd place]Leo

Love luck is in great shape. It’s going to be a holiday where you can enjoy dates and leisure. Let’s take measures against infectious diseases and enjoy the last day of consecutive holidays. If you are tired at night, go to bed early and get in shape.


Personal luck and marriage luck are in great shape. People who can participate in the celebration of Coming-of-Age Day are likely to have unexpected encounters. Even those who do not have high expectations for meeting a destined person. Take measures against infectious diseases and enjoy the last day of consecutive holidays.


Good luck with friends. It is recommended that you take good measures against infectious diseases, go out with your hobby friends, or join a circle. If you are refraining from going out, please take advantage of online courses.


Good luck. When I go shopping, I think I can get what I want. Also, if there are people close to you who are welcoming adults, give them a present ◎ It seems to be fulfilling if you spend the night listening to the radio.


On Coming-of-Age Day, older people are likely to have a luck. If you are invited by a senior at the company, it is good to go out without any hassle. Also, people tend to take things seriously. If you are worried, talk to your friends.


If you don’t have a hurry, you can clean the room, change the look, and spend your time at home. ◎ Love luck will improve at night. It is also recommended to make a good night call to those who are interested.


If you have a new adult who is close to you, it would be nice to celebrate it. To take a break, you can refresh yourself by visiting a grocery store or park in your neighborhood. It’s good to cook at home or spend time with your family at night.


You may feel that it is the last day of consecutive holidays. If you are tired, it is important to spend time alone. If you have time for self-care, it seems that you will recover. Try to power charge for tomorrow.


It seems to be fluttering at the celebration of people celebrating the coming-of-age ceremony. Make a schedule and act. Interpersonal luck improves at night. If you email or call the person you care about and promise your next date, it will work.


The behavior of the other party seems to be anxious. It is NG to pursue the actions of partners during consecutive holidays. You also need to make an effort not to worry about it. Keep in mind to broaden your horizons and hold yourself relaxed.

[Today’s message]
The moon is in a dissonant arrangement with Neptune, so your senses and intuition may be dull. It is better to postpone the decision a little. From the afternoon, Mars and Venus will be in a good position, so it seems that you can feel relaxed and relax.

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