Appearance decided by Shabekuri ・ Soraside Honbo, “Uchikare” crank-in

The TV drama “Uchi no Musume can’t have a boyfriend !!” (starting on the 13th, every week), which was broadcast on the 11th of the NTV variety show “Shabekuri 007” (every Monday from 22:00). At the audition (Wednesday 22: 00 ~), Ganji Honbo of the laughing combination Sorashid will appear. At a later date, the drama was cranked in. Ganji Honbo of Soraside (left) and Teppei Arita of Cream Stew = Provided by NTV Honbo plays an employee like Cream Stew, the editor-in-chief of a publishing company played by Teppei Arita, and Konishi’s waistcoat.・ Tayama. The filming was done with the regular performers of the drama, Yoohei Kawakami as Soseki Tachibana, and Haruka Fukuhara as Saori Ito. Before the crank-in, Honbo said with a tense look, “As a Shabekuri family, I will do my best not to be ashamed!” After the first recording, he expressed a fulfilling expression, “I was very nervous, but it was fun! I had a longing for desk work, so I was wondering if it was like this (through the role of a publisher employee).” .. Arita, who co-starred, said, “I thought that I really came when I thought that it was just the moment of” Shabekuri “(laughs). I hope that you will do your best so that we can make a side story somewhere. I think, “he commented with a smile.