Different world fantasy works for girls open one after another, “strongest heroine 5” appears in Manga One

Shogakukan’s manga app Manga One will feature a new series of different-world fantasy works for girls for five consecutive days starting January 18th, under the name “The Strongest Heroine 5 (Five)”. “The Strongest Heroine 5” is a comicalized version of the work submitted to the “2nd Different World Reincarnation / Transfer Manga Original Contest” sponsored by pixiv, KADOKAWA Women’s Novel Club, and Ura Sunday Women’s Club. On January 18th, “Dolwota” will be reincarnated and become a saint, and Yuki Yama, based on the original story by Nonbendarari, will start “If I pushed the box of a holy knight in a different world, my respect would pass and I became a saint.” Also, on January 19th, Fujihana Takanai based on the original work by Ichiyo Hiiragi, “The villain daughter, the 94th reincarnation seems to be a heroine.-Reincarnation is the job of the dispatched staff of the character guild!”, Ichiyo Hiiragi on January 20th. According to the original, “The villain daughter without a heroine abandons her engagement and escapes with a dog-type servant”, and on January 21, Kawaguchi based on the original by Machibari “Since she reincarnated in another world and became a witch, she sent a slow life. “I don’t want the Demon King to escape”, and on January 22nd, works such as Suzuka Oda’s original work “The villain’s daughter aims to be a night guild” will open one after another. From 0:00 on January 18th to 23:59 on February 17th, you will receive a “1SP Life” every time you browse the first episode of each new series. Furthermore, after registering the 2nd and 3rd episodes of each work as favorites during the “look-ahead” period, those who “look-ahead” the 2nd or 3rd episode will be presented with “2SP Life”. You can get up to 15 “SP Life” by participating in all campaigns during the period.