Go Ayano and Hiroshi Tachi are delighted with “I love each other”! Unusual talk during set conversion

Completion report of the movie “Yakuza to Family The Family” (released on January 29) A live talk event was held in Tokyo on the 11th, with Go Ayano, Machiko Ono, Yukiya Kitamura, Hayato Ichihara, Hayato Isomura, and Tachi. Hiroshi and director Michihito Fujii have appeared. From left, directed by Hayato Isomura, Hayato Ichihara, Machiko Ono, Go Ayano, Hiroshi Tachi, Yukiya Kitamura, and Michihito Fujii. When he was desperate, he was a boy who got a relief from the local yakuza boss and made a contract with his father and son. Time goes by, and even a man who makes a name for himself as a yakuza can have his own family. On the other hand, the enforcement of the Act on Countermeasures against Boryokudan changed the state of yakuza. The way of life chosen by the man begins to cause various contradictions, and in the battle with the enemy who is related to the survival of the group, sticking to being a yakuza is confronted with the situation that on the other hand it loses irreplaceable things. I’m going … Tate is “love”, Ono is “now”, Kitamura is “decision”, Ichihara is “era”, Isomura is “spinning”, and Fujii is “proof”. “, And Ayano answered” love “with the same answer as Tate. Tate said, “Yakuza is the theme, but there is a lot of love.” Ayano said, “I was thrilled when Tate first said” love. “This team as a whole has love and love. It included respect and compassion, and I grew up a lot, “he explained. The two responded together without any meetings, but when Tate said, “I love each other,” Ayano was delighted, “I heard !? I’m happy.” Tate said about co-starring with Ayano, “I learned a lot. I feel that this movie was really pulled by Ayano-kun. Anyway, Ayano-kun lived a role rather than playing a role. I was impressed. ” “I was abducted first, came to the group’s office, and Yamamoto, who had been holding up until then, was asked,’Is there a place to go?’ And looked at me with eyes like a puppy. It ’s really wonderful, is n’t it? ” Ayano commented on this event, “I think we should always deliver that entertainment is indomitable and not unnecessary, so now we are allowed this kind of opportunity, and movie theaters are doing the same as they are now. I think that the fact that entertainment is not over, remains, and exists, including the operation of a movie theater, will add flowers to everyone’s hearts. I’m sitting, “he said. “I think it will be different from the nuance of going to the theater, but I think it would be great if the fact that the movie continues to flow and is released will help as much as possible. I will. ” In addition, Ayano remains on the one-person stage even during the set conversion to the photo session after distribution, and there is also an unusual one-person talk. While watching the staff change, the interview was conducted at a distance, but he expressed his joy, saying, “I’m glad that the body temperature (of the interviewers) is transmitted.”