MAX Suzuki’s Gluttony YouTuber Corps Challenges to Complete the Giant New Year’s Eating “Uchimura’s Hot Pot Video”

“Uchimura’s Tsuboru Video” (TV Tokyo series), in which Teruyoshi Uchimura, Haruna Kondo (Harisenbon), and Yu Sawabe (Haraichi) act as MCs, will be broadcast from 18:25 on January 13 (Wednesday). ..

The program aims to create a hot video and play it 10 million times. Guests will be Tomonori Jinnai, Suzu Yamanouchi, and Emi Oomatsu.

This time, we will introduce the strongest video that makes a noise in the world, from the super powerful video that puts Mentos into 10,000 liters of cola to the healing video of a super cute muscle training dog. In addition, a shocking image just like a Hollywood movie with a cumulative total of over 150 million views will appear.

Then, the gluttony YouTuber corps led by ace MAX Suzuki of the gluttony world challenges the completion of a huge new year’s osechi with a total weight of over 18 kg. Can you eat within the time limit !? The last shock is a must-see.

In addition, a genius, Kunihiro! Town revitalization project by (wild bomb) started. To make a huge sand statue in Inazawa City, Aichi Prefecture, which is famous for sand art. Japan’s craftsmanship and Kunihiro! The design power of the company collaborates wonderfully to complete a sand statue that has never been seen before.