Miho Kanno, who is said to be a “noisy actress” and calms down, talks about busy parenting

Actress Miho Kanno will appear on the NTV variety show “Shabekuri 007” (every Monday from 22:00) for the first time in about 10 years. Miho Kanno = Provided by NTV Cutie, beauty actress is uncomfortable, and Kanno says that it is more calm to be called a “noisy actress”, and she is a mother of two children and spends her busy days every day. I will talk about the difficult child-rearing situation, but what is the shocking behavior that my daughter starts when she is satisfied with the rice? Also, chocolate is the healing when you are busy. I try not to eat in front of my children, but how do I eat between child-rearing? Teppei Arita also talks about the birth of a girl at the end of last year. Sugano, who works hard in such work and raising children, will teach you tips on how to ride a bicycle with a surprisingly difficult child … but the incident broke out. What is the phenomenon that Sugano looks like Mad Max? The project is a collaboration with the drama “My daughter can’t have a boyfriend !!” in which Arita also appears. The role of the editor-in-chief of the publishing company, played by Arita, will be decided by the audition in Shabekuri. There are three candidates, Horiuchi’s recommendation, Harada’s recommendation, and Fukuda’s recommendation. Horiuchi’s recommendation is a real cousin. Fukuda’s recommendation is a comedian with melancholy. And Harada’s recommendation is … Anno who loves Harada !? Sugano is in charge of the audition. Will it really be evaluated?