Nicole Fujita reports 11th year of modeling activity, Elaiza Ikeda praises cute knit coordination

Talent and model Nicole Fujita updated Instagram on Sunday, 10th. He reported that he had 11 years of modeling experience.

[Photo]Nicole Fujita, a model with a different atmosphere from variety shows

Nicole Fujita, who nicknamed “Nikorun” in “Popteen” (Kadokawa Haruki Office) and is currently the exclusive model for “ViVi” (Kodansha). He has been active as a talent, regularly appearing in “London Hearts” (TV Asahi) and “Hirunandesu!” (NTV).

Fujita released a model shot of “ViVi”, which he himself serves as an exclusive model, saying, “People who only know me on TV are the reality that I don’t really know that my main business is a model.”

She is dressed in a pure white knit and looks cute and modeled, which is different from the usual variety. In addition, Fujita continued to report, “It’s been 11 years since I was a model.”

Actress Elaiza Ikeda also responded to this post with “Cute !!”. Many congratulatory comments were received from fans, such as “Congratulations on the 11th year!” And “I buy Nicole every month since I became exclusive to ViVi.”

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