Akito Kiriyama & Reia Nakamura get hints at a spicy yakiniku restaurant that sinks in business Episode 2 of “Gekikaradou”

The second episode of “Gekikaradou” (TV Tokyo series, every Wednesday from 24:12), in which Akito Kiriyama (Johnny’s WEST) starred in the drama for the first time, will be broadcast on January 13.

This work is the ultimate gourmet drama with high mania and addiction that you can enjoy both visually and audibly. The main character, Kenta Sarukawa (Kiriyama), who moved from the Osaka head office to the sales promotion office of the Tokyo branch office with expectations, grows while struggling with “spicy food” in the days with strangers who love spicy food. The figure of doing is drawn.

After the first episode was broadcast, there was a comment on the Internet that he fell in love with Kiriyama eating spicy ramen. Attention was focused on Kiriyama’s struggle.

Kenta Sarukawa (Kiriyama) has moved to the Tokyo branch office of the beverage maker “Ron Ron”. One day, the manager Kazuhiko Tanioka (Mitsuru Hirata) ordered a supermarket with a difficulty level called “Nishin” to go to business. It was a super-discount supermarket run by the young president, Yuki Saiji (Tomoharu Hasegawa), who had just inherited from his predecessor. Already the day before, Tomoma Okouchi (Rika Izumi) of the same period was in business. However, when asked by Saiji, “Do you understand the difference between ours and other supermarkets?”, He confidently answered, “It’s a low price that is second to none,” but he said he was driven back.

Kenta goes to business with his junior Ryosuke Shinomiya (Reia Nakamura), but receives the same question. Kenta replies “feelings for customers”, but is said to be “the same in every supermarket” and sinks. Knowing this, Tanioka urges Ryosuke to invite him to the famous spicy yakiniku restaurant “Kurenai-chan”. Kenta was depressed, but Ryosuke recommended that he eat yakiniku with a spicy sauce, and as he continued to eat, he realized that Kenta was there.