Getters Iida’s fortune-telling YOASOBI ・ ikura “Everything is outlook (laughs)”

The live broadcast program “JUMP UP MELODIES TOP20 supported by Ginza Sony Park” of TOKYO FM, where Osamu Suzuki (THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE) serves as a personality. With the cooperation of music distribution service Spotify, the top 20 songs whose access soared this week will be counted down live.

On December 18th (Friday), YOASOBI, a unit consisting of vocaloid producer Ayase and singer-songwriter ikura, will appear for 3 hours! On this day, ikura-san was forgotten by Getters Iida-san, who appeared as a guest. Fortune in 2021, as a vocalist, what’s next as YOASOBI …?

(From left) Osamu Suzuki, Ayase, Getters Iida, ikura, Jin

◆ What is ikura’s personality?

Iida: Basically cheerful. It’s bright and the bass is serious and can be made steady, but it’s strangely stubborn, so it’s the type that never changes the rule “I’m like this!”. Also, instead of talking, shabekuri is a mess.

ikura: Everything is outlook (laughs).

Iida: I’m sick and frustrated when I’m hungry because I don’t have enough words. Suddenly you shut up or your thought circuit stops. I basically hate fights. A type that can be swallowed with patience. Also, there are habits of thinking too much and habits of dragging the past. Even though I’m cautious, I’m optimistic, so I sometimes suddenly jump in, “I wonder if I can do something about it.”

ikura: There is!

◆ What is ikura’s luck in 2021?

Iida: Fortune has been strong since the end of 2020. For the next five years, I haven’t lost my luck.

ikura: Is that true !?

Iida: Also, four years from 2020 will be a super popular period. It’s amazing because the chances of love are coming more and more.

Osamu: The popular season has arrived! What should you be careful about in love?

Iida: The roots are surprisingly lewd.

ikura: No (bitter smile).

Iida: When you drink alcohol, it becomes loose. If you forcibly come to Guigui, it’s surprisingly easy to go.

Osamu: I’m just 20 years old, so should I be careful about alcohol?

Iida: That’s right. It’s easy to get confused by alcohol.

ikura: Oh. understood!

◆ What is your future as a vocalist?

Osamu: How about as a vocalist?

Iida: It’s the best choice. Has a star that is very successful in singing and dancing. Life has changed since I was 19 or 20 years old, and I can live happily until I am about 40 years old. Five to six years ago, I was in the dark and was at the bottom.

ikura: But that was the case. In terms of music.

Iida: It was hard, and my network changed from a couple of years ago, and it was a little difficult in 2019, but I feel like “it’s finally easier now.” The good flow has finally begun.

ikura: I’m happy!

◆ What is the future of YOASOBI?

Osamu: What should the two YOASOBI do in the future?

Iida: The more you play around, the better your luck will be, so let’s have fun. I have the most important luck and gorgeousness for a vocalist, so it’s just fun and I succeed when I try to entertain. I’m not good at talking, but the song has an outstanding star.

Osamu: What should I be careful about when the two are compatible?

Iida: Surprisingly, both of them are reluctant, so they seem to say what they want to say, but they don’t. “Should I say it again?” It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, but it can be overly concerned, so if you tell it properly, it will be communicated.

◆ What kind of place should I live in?

Osamu: By the way, is there a place where Ayase should live to write songs?

Iida: Ayase-san is good at places near shopping streets, where old-fashioned streets remain, and where there is a lot of traffic.

Osamu: From a quiet place. There is such a type.

Ayase: But I like that kind of thing.

Iida: On the contrary, ikura-san should be a little quiet. Near shrines, forests, parks, etc.

ikura: Thank you.

Iida: But what’s great about Ayase is that he has a successful star behind the scenes. It’s more like a back boss who manipulates people behind the scenes rather than being a talent as a producer or showing up.

ikura: The back boss (laughs).

Ayase: I see … I was there!

Osamu: What you are doing now is close to that.

Ayase: That’s right at YOASOBI.

Iida: I’m really shy. I’m a strong but shy type. Then you should think, “Let’s control everything behind the scenes!” I think that kind of thing will come in a few years. You may want to do various things that you can do now.

Ayase: Thank you!

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