★ Today’s fortune ★ 12 Horoscope ranking No. 1 …? ★ January 13 ★

Today’s fortune-telling delivered by the entertainment news & column “TOKYO FM +” from the radio. “12 constellation ranking & one point advice” What is your fortune today?

[1st place]Virgo

Love luck is in great shape. It’s a day when you can express your feelings straight. Suddenly, a chance of love may come. If you actively talk to yourself, you are more likely to seize the opportunity.

[2nd place]Taurus

A day that seems to increase aspirations. For those who want to broaden their horizons, it seems to be inspiring to come into contact with foreign cultures. It is also recommended to find out the country you want to visit and learn the language of that country.

[3rd place]Capricorn

Good luck. Your claim may be appreciated. It’s also a good day to start something new. It is also a good idea to start polishing yourself with the aim of improving your level.


It’s a good day to have good luck with people and to value relationships with people. It will increase sociability, but rather than having fun with multiple people, try to get along with each other deeply ◎ It seems that you can see the unexpected side of the other party.


Good luck. There may be extra income. If you go shopping on your way home from work, you’ll probably get what you want. If you read books and magazines about money, you will get even better luck.


You may be impressed by the words of others. From conversations with people close to you, you can get hints to make your life happy. If you value communication with people close to you, it will be a fulfilling day.


It’s going to be a day when you can be the center of attention and have a good time. Exchanges such as emails and telephones may increase. Providing interesting topics and using jokes will increase your popularity.


A day when teamwork is essential. If you are conscious of give and take, it seems that there will be friends who will support you. Also, if you demonstrate the power to organize the team, you can expect an increase in favorability.


A day that is likely to attract attention at work. The work is about to reach its final stage, so if you buy a coordinator, it will be highly evaluated by the people around you. If you pull the project and do your best to the end ◎


If you value the time with your family and try to create a relaxing space, you will be able to spend your time calmly. It’s better to cook for yourself than to eat out today. I think I can have a happy time.

[10th place]Mizugameza

There may be big discoveries from past experiences. If you are worried or anxious, looking back on your experience will likely find a solution. The time to face yourself is the point that changes the flow.


You may be required to do detailed work. Let’s aim for “perfect” as “power under the edge”. It’s going to be a calm day if you spend your time supporting people without asking for a reward.


You may feel the difference in values ​​with the other party. Once you let go of the idea that “this should be”, there seems to be a new awareness. It is also important to listen to the opinions and advice of the other party.

[Today’s message]
This month, socially influential planets take a tense angle. Right now it’s in the middle of it. In such cases, it is easy to get impatient and make mistakes. Be aware of humor, not anger.

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