“Assault Lily” mini animation distribution decided, animation production continues to shaft

Mini animation production of “Assault Lily” is decided. Delivered in the summer of 2021, Shaft will be in charge of animation production following the TV animation “Assault Lily BOUQUET”. This was revealed at the “Assault Lily Project Presentation” held on January 12th. At the recital, in addition to mini-animation production, a live event of “Assault Lily BOUQUET” was held, a large-scale exhibition event “Lily Exhibition” of the “Assault Lily” project was held this spring, and a new stage performance in 2022 was announced. The live event of “Assault Lily BOUQUET” will be held on March 21st at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, and the fastest pre-sale application serial for tickets will be included in the first volume of Blu-ray released on January 27th. Stay tuned for more details on the mini-animation.