Chiyo, who succeeded in the 29th first stage of “Ochoyan”, is allowed to be

The 29th episode of the NHK serial TV novel “Ochoyan” starring actress Hana Sugisaki (general every Monday-Saturday 8: 00-other * Saturday is a week’s review) will be broadcast on the 14th tomorrow. The day of the 29th scene photo of “Ochoyan” “Adventure of Masa Chan”. Many guests and children come to the theater. Among them was Yoko (Junko Abe) watching a play with her son, who was taken over by her separated husband. It was Chiyo (Sugisaki Hana) who managed to succeed in the first stage, thanks in part to the overnight Naginata practice of Chidori (Mayumi Wakamura). Miyamoto, the manager of the cafe, allows us to celebrate the success of the stage. On the other hand, Chidori made a rugged look when he saw Chiyo and his seat, which became a popular and extended performance. The 103rd “Asadora”, “Ochoyan,” is modeled after the comedian Chieko Naniwa, who is still synonymous with Kamigata actresses and has been popular as the “mother of Osaka.” Set in Osaka from the Taisho era to the Showa era before, during, and after the war, the heroine Chiyo Takei, who was born into a poor family, depicts a turbulent life running up the path of an actress. (C) NHK