Kuranosuke Sasaki, “Miyako has come to Kyoto!” Is “New Kyoto too”

The drama “Miyako has come to Kyoto!” (ABC TV every Sunday 23: 55 ~ / TV Kanagawa every Tuesday 23: 00 ~) starring actor Kuranosuke Sasaki will be released on au Smart Pass Premium and TELASA from the 13th. Unlimited viewing exclusive distribution started at. “Miyako has come to Kyoto!” Starring Kuranosuke Sasaki This work, which was all-located in the scenic ancient city of Kyoto, is a humanity drama in which a father and daughter communicate with each other. A single middle-aged man who plays Sasaki, who was spending calm days as a town doctor in Kyoto, suddenly comes to his only daughter who should have lived with his separated wife. The daughter role is played by young actress Ryoko Fujino, and talented actors such as Sarunosuke Ichikawa set aside. Comment videos have arrived from Sasaki and Fujino for this distribution. Sasaki from Kyoto appealed, “There are many new Kyotos I didn’t know about. It’s a story of a father and a daughter who borrowed the beautiful and warm scenery of Kyoto.” Fujino recalled the shooting, “I was visiting hidden tourist attractions in Kyoto, and I ate a lot of delicious Kyoto food in the drama,” and “seeing the beauty of Kyoto as the stage.” It’s a drama that you can enjoy, so please take a look. ”