The image of Takumi Saitoh and Kento Nakajima, who co-starred for the first time, is “a person who shines away”

“WOWOW On Demand”, which allows you to easily watch WOWOW on TV and smartphones, will start on January 13th (Wednesday). At the start of the service, Takumi Saitoh & Kento Nakajima (Sexy Zone) have been appointed as new commercial characters. In addition to the commercial that appeals the appeal of “WOWOW On Demand,” the two will be broadcast and distributed for free on Saturday, January 16th and Sunday, January 17th. Co-starred as MC of “Special ~ WOWOW Life Starting Here ~”. Furthermore, the broadcasting and distribution of the programs in which each will appear in the main is also decided. Therefore, this time, we hit Saito & Nakajima, who will be co-starring for the first time, and interviewed about their impressions of the other party, the inside story of CM shooting, movie love, etc. It was a smiley talk that oozes respect for each other.Kento Nakajima (left) and Takumi Saitoh

――Can you tell us your impressions of each other as it is your first time co-starring?

Takumi Saitoh:I think Kento-san was the one who created something like “Kento Nakajima”. People who have their own one mode in the entertainment world can’t go to that place by chance. However, I wonder if Kento was the one who found his own way of showing “this” at an early stage and made efforts in a straight line. I think that he is a person who has and will have a future, pursuing further from there. At this timing, letting me do WOWOW’s image character together in this way is extremely inspiring and learning.

Kento Nakajima:Thank you very much. I think that Mr. Kou is a person who is described in various words such as so-called “sex appeal” and “luster” as a public image, but when I talked about it again today, I thought that he was a terrifyingly knowledgeable person. It was. I thought again that I was a kid. So are the number of movies I’ve watched, and so are the in-depth words about movies, and I can’t keep up with any of them. So I think I have to really learn and absorb it. There are many things I really want to imitate, including this calmness, so I’ll apply a perm first (laughs).

Saito:(Lol). I would like to say that, but I think that Kento-san’s stance of confronting each and every one of them while having the comprehensive strength of entertainment is amazing. It covers categories that do not exist in the graph itself, and I don’t think there is anyone who is so suitable (for this CM character). It’s persuasive that you’re not talking in words that are just superficial, but in things that come out of your body in a continuous manner.

Nakajima:It hurts (laughs). I think it’s necessary to be aware of the responsibility of standing next to Mr. Kou.

――When you search the internet, many people say that they look exactly like each other. Did you know that?

Saito:No, I’m already afraid. I think it was me who boiled Kento with a mysterious spice for about 4 days (laughs).

Nakajima:I’m sorry to say that this is a lot of fear.

――Mr. Saito is also a movie director, but what kind of work would it be if you were to make a movie starring Mr. Nakajima?

Saito:I think there are many possibilities, so I have a lot of things I want to try. For example, it may be more like a documentary than a movie, but you could give it a GoPro and have it go to a place you’ve never been to before. When I saw the local report at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony at WOWOW, I thought that Kento was the one who shines in the so-called away. In such a situation, something is likely to come out of you. So, before as a director, as an audience, I would like to see Kento Nakajima in this kind of situation.

Nakajima:It feels like you’ve seen through the pretty parts. Certainly away is fun. I think of it every time I appear in a variety show. If you get used to it, on the contrary, it feels like lukewarm water, I think.

――Please tell us about the events that impressed you when you co-starred in the commercial shoot.

Saito:I met him for the first time at the scene when shooting, and there was a place where the images of the two people were in common.

Nakajima:I agree.

Saito:I think it’s better for the two of us to look “contrast” than “similar”. Kento thought about that, and he took the trouble to cut his hair.

Nakajima:That’s right, that’s right.

Saito:I thought that such a bird’s-eye view was similar, and I thought that I was a professional.

Nakajima:I’m glad … I had a meeting, so I was allowed to enter the site first, but I was really thrilled for a few minutes until Mr. Kou came. So, when I came, I grinned when I saw Mr. Kou. I wonder if it seems weird.

Saito:That’s not true (laughs).

Nakajima:I was happy to meet you, and I talked about various things during the shooting. There is a tennis scene in the commercial. There, Mr. Kou swings his tennis racket, but the form is very beautiful. So when I asked, “Did you play tennis?”, I thought it was true that he was in the musical “The Prince of Tennis”. When I heard that, I thought it was very Atobe (* Keigo Atobe, one of the most popular characters in “The Prince of Tennis”), but Mr. Kou said, “Kento is more like Atobe.” Please tell me (laughs).

Saito:Yeah lol).

Nakajima:I think it’s like Kaoru Kaido. I’m sweaty, so it’s a character wearing a bandana (laughs).


――Please tell us your favorite movie because you are also involved in a special movie program.

Saito:It’s difficult …

Nakajima:I want to hear this.

Saito:I run a mobile movie theater called “cinema bird”, but some of the audience are children and those who watch the movie for the first time, so decide carefully about the movie to be shown. I have. So, I thought it would sound better for children to have a bitter reality rather than a movie for children. From that point of view, there is a movie called “Into the Wild” based on the true story directed by Sean Penn, which I recommend. It’s a true story that a highly educated young man abandons his entire career and goes on a journey as a backpacker, but it’s a work that I personally wanted to meet when I was a student. I think it will be an opportunity for young people to come back to the things they envision, such as going on to higher education or getting a job, so I would like young people to take a look.

Nakajima:I’ve said that I like “AI” in many places, so I’m going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It was “Fifty Shades of Gray” that was shocking and I thought it was my favorite. Although it is distorted, straight love is firmly expressed, and BGM is just right there. I’m in love with the timing of the song “Love Me Like You Do” in the play. The profile of Gray looking at Anastasia when that song plays is so beautiful … and at that moment, they are in the sky, not on the ground. You can enjoy all of these things in an instant, such as how to give an uplifting feeling that makes you want to taste this, the aestheticism of the scenery, and the expectation of where these two people will go. Since then, my favorite song has become “Love Me Like You Do”. You might ask, “Is that movie the best?”, But I’m very influenced. I met a very nice movie when I was 21 years old. It may be a little biased.

Saito:No, it’s wonderful.

――The story tells you your love for the movie, but did you have any memorable events about the movie theater?

Saito:It’s gone now, but there are two movie theaters in Sangenjaya called “Sangenjaya Central Theater” and “Sangenjaya Cinema”. I went with a cushion because my butt hurts when I go to the ladder and watch 4 books a day. It was around the time of middle and high school students. I was looking at works that weren’t for the double-layered work, but when I met them, I felt more destined. “Rock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels” was completely unmarked, but the encounter with “Rock, Stock?” Was so shocking that I forgot the other one. The movie theater in Sangenjaya has such memories.

Nakajima:I have spent a day at the cinema. All you have to do is popcorn, hot dogs and cola. I saw three or four books a day like Mr. Kou, and I thought that I could never have such a happy time. Besides, I went to the cinema with a girl when I was a kid. I understand why movie theaters are dating spots. I think it’s a good form of love to see each other in the same direction, not to face each other, but the movie really shows that. I think it’s great that there is a screen in the same direction and you can share it.

Saito:really wonderful. When I heard the story now, I thought it was true. informative.

Nakajima:(Excuse me) No, I’m sorry. I’m a kid (laughs). “30th Anniversary Free 2Days Seriously Entertainment Love Special-WOWOW Life Starting Here-” will be broadcast and distributed for free on January 16th (Sat) and 17th (Sun) (10: 00-22: 00 on both days). Will be done. The documentary “Opening the Next Window-Takumi Saitoh x Reiko Kataoka x Clay Animation-“, which was planned and produced by Takumi Saitoh under the name of Takumi Saitoh, is about to be produced in the spring of 2021. Free broadcast & distribution on Saturday 16: 30-), movie information program “Kento Nakajima’s now, I want to know about movies” with Kento Nakajima acting as MC. Will be broadcast and distributed (first free broadcast) on January 16th (Saturday 17: 30-). In addition, WOWOW On Demand will offer limited-edition content on both days.