Eiko Koike stands out with her beautiful body in a bold outfit with an open chest

Actress Eiko Koike won the “32nd Japan Jewelery Best Dresser Award” in her 40s, which is given to celebrities who look good in jewelry, and attended the award ceremony held in Tokyo on the 14th. Eiko Koike Koike appears in a black outfit with a bold cleavage and a beautiful body. She shined with a diamond pendant sent to celebrate the award. In his speech, he said, “I am honored to receive this wonderful historical award. Thank you.” And renewed my determination, “I will do my best not to lose to jewelry and shine.” He also said, “I don’t have a lot of jewelry, but I bought it for the first time with my salary, I got it from my grandmother and mother in a different shape, and I got it from my loved one. I have a lot of love for one, “he said. Throughout the past year, the award divides “the person who shines the most”, “the person who looks best in jewelry”, and “the person who wants to wear more jewelry in the future” by generation, men’s category, and special award. What to commend. This year, the 32nd time, Nana Mori in the teens category, Yuko Araki in the 20s category, Erika Toda in the 30s category, Eiko Koike in the 40s category, Yuki Saito in the 50s category, and Tanaka in the 60s and above category. Misako won the award. Ryusei Yokohama was selected for the men’s category, and Atsuto Uchida was selected for the special prize.Photo: Yutaka Kishi