Job offer: Data in Japan with Colt Technology Services

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Role Profile

Data Center Technician

Role title:

Data Center Technician

Colt Level:

PT2 Advance


Data Center Onsite Support.

Reports to:

Group Manager of DCS Operations –DC Onsite Support

Location: Location:

Colt Shiohama DC, Japan

Role purpose

  • Support for DC customers as contracted cross connect services.
  • Operate timely, flexibly and safety to generate customer satisfaction.
  • To cover overall cabling task in Japan Colt DCs and support Partner DCs as well.

Key account abilities

  • Responsibility as Data Center Technician.
  • Technical skills and experience as field engineer.
  • Cabling, Patching, Testing cables.
  • Able to understand Data center rules and regulation.
  • Reporting to Manager / Assistant Manager as any activity.

Other accountabilities (optional)

  • Excellent manners and communication skills as customer front.

Key performance indicators (financial and non-financial)

  • Service Request (Operation Services, Local Support and Admission Control).
  • Order Delivery.
  • Customer Satisfaction.

Relationships and key contacts

  • Outsource vendor.
  • Carrier engineer
  • Colt DCS Sales, Facility, BMS, Security and Delivery Management
  • Cot Core Field Installation, Operation, Technical Support

Role specific requirements

Skills & Experience

  • At least 5 years experiences of cross connect
  • Cabling, Patching (Metal / Optical cables and Cable Tester)
  • Work Planning
  • Cost estimation
  • Vendor control
  • Kiken Yochi
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint)
  • Documentation (Procedure and Check sheet)
  • Cable design
  • Risk assessment
  • Trouble shooting


  • Japanese Language Level: Business or native.
  • English Language Level: Business or more. (TOEIC 400 – 600).
  • AI and DD Installation Technician (construction staff AI / DD comprehensive type)
  • Chief Safety and Health Officer


Base on Colt DCS Values


Document control

Version / Data

Reason for change




V1.0 23/01/2017

Keishiro Saito

V1.1 3/01/2017

Yu, Aikawa

V1.2 31/10/2019

Including as Cabling role.

Yu, Aikawa

Hiroyuki Okuno

V1.3 13 / Feb / 2020

Remove as Cabling role

2020 DCS HR strategy

Hiroyuki Okuno

V1.4 30 / Oct / 2020

Revised for Shiohama cabling engineer based on DOSS PT2 Ad responsibility.

Kenji, Morita

Hiroyuki Okuno

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