Job offer: Staff in Shinagawa with Daimler

Mercedes-Benz Japan Co., Ltd is a Japanese subsidiary wholly-owned by Daimler. It was established in 1986, which was also 100 years after Daimler and Benz invented automobiles. Mercedes-Benz Japan aims to provide the universal values ​​of automobiles values ​​of automotive, such as the joy of ownership and the pleasure of driving, and strives to promote the highest level of safety and environmental compatibility.

Sales and services for passenger cars of Daimler –Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-AMG and smart –are offered to the people in Japan through an authorized network of 290 sales outlets and 225 workshops throughout the nation.

The Information Technology Department is making IT changes in all respects. All changes have been strategically implemented in line with Daimler headquarters and Japanese requirements.
Since our department handles many projects, we need the ability to manage IT projects from start to finish, and the ability to work in coordination with many stakeholders.
In addition, we are always looking for people who can propose and implement business improvement through the system to business partners inside and outside the company with an awareness of issues.

Tasks in this position:
1. IT Innovation & Automation Management 2. Lead each initiative related to IT innovation automation in the IT department and manage each team
3. Promote and lead the use of Daimler standard tools to improve productivity and efficiency
4. Introduce and manage projects utilizing new technology with application owners
5. Design and implement highly reliable, robust and scalable systems and services
6. Promote operational excellence of system operation and provide the best service availability and quality

7. Digital Strategy / IT Landscape and Architecture Management 8. Plan, manage and update the digital roadmap in line with our strategy and appropriate implementation methods.
9. Optimize your IT landscape according to each deployment plan defined in the digital roadmap
10. Monitor deployment effectiveness and adjust IT landscape strategy as needed

11. Project & Product Management 12. Providing project deliverables in line with business objectives
13. Select a project management method suitable for the introduction goal, and perform project management according to that method.
14. Being able to manage medium to large scale projects
15. Management of stakeholder expectations and implementation of appropriate communication
16. Regular project reports
17. Managing project members

18. System change request management, solution & architecture design management 19. Investigate IT trends and future business demand, and propose optimal solutions and IT infrastructure
20. Proposal of IT solutions considering user requirements, head office requirements, and IT trends
21. Leading each phase of IT solution proposal and implementation, as well as decision making in each phase

22. Service delivery and operation 23. Manage and support each person in charge and IT partner in implementing change cases from the viewpoint of system architecture design, business process and process compliance.
24. Define metrics for performance and security management of each system and operate their tracking, logging, analysis and alert processes.
25. Manage the creation and update of each system management document, and manage the maintenance of system operation quality.
26. Implementation of budget planning and budget management

Information Technology department executes and delivers in all aspects of IT changes. All changes are implemented with strategic and operational alignment of local and Daimler regional requirements.
The successful candidate will be leading IT projects from initiation, requirement analysis, development, User Acceptance Test to Hand over of operation to users. We can work with outside venders, other department staffs and supporters.
The successful candidate will also provide IT consulting services for business users throughout the project. They will, on daily bases, handle change requests and demands from users, identify the requirements and effectively propose system solutions in a timely and precise manner.

Tasks of this position:
0. IT Innovation & Automation management
–Manage the IT team initiatives with respect to cross-functional topics of IT innovation management and automation management.
–Leads the championing the usage of Daimler standard tools for increasing productivity & efficiency.
–Supervises team for implementation of all automation efforts / initiatives run by other teams.
–Introduce and mange new technology projects with application owners
–Design, deploy and maintain highly reliable, robust and scalable systems and services.
-Ensure the highest level of uptime and Quality of Service (QoS) through operational excellence.
0. Digital Strategy, IT Landscape & Architecture management
–Plan and manage Digital roadmap, including methodology and alignment of IT strategy process.
–Optimize IT Landscape in line with implementation and rollout activities based on IT roadmap.
–Monitor effectiveness of strategy and initiate necessary adaptations to IT Landscape strategy and processes.
0. Project & Product Management
–Take responsibility to ensure adequate outcomes for the projects in line with business objectives.
–Choose the correct PM methodology (Waterfall / Agile) in accordance with the objectives.
–Manage the Category A & B project in accordance with Daimler PM methodology.
–Communicate and manage the expectation from each stakeholder.
–Report the project by using Daimler standard system.
–Lead project members, vendors and supporters to accomplish the project goal in each of the project phases.
0. Demand Management, Solution & Architecture Design
–Research future business demand and IT trend to prepare the best fit solution and IT Infrastructure.
–Design IT solutions based on the business demand and align with Daimler Standard requirements.
–Establish, communicate, and lead decision making process of implementation.
0. Service Delivery & Operations
–Supervise and support the person in charge and / or IT partners who are responsible for IT Delivery in terms of hardware / software change, from architecture design / business process / process compliance point of view.
–Define and track metrics, logging, analytics and alerting for performance and security across all systems and applications.
–Develop and update system documentation to ensure high levels of support for production.

1. Work experience 2. University graduation or above
3. Project management qualification
4. Project management experience (5 years or more)
5. System design / system development, system operation experience (5 years or more)

6. Technology 7. Knowledge of each technology below 8. Test automation (Selenium, etc.)
9. Cloud infrastructure knowledge (AWS, Azure, etc.)
10. Data modeling storage, relational database
11. Basic knowledge of Big Data (Spark, Hadoop, etc.)
12. Basic knowledge of data analytics

–Knowledge of coding principles and release management
–Basic knowledge of DevOps / RPA
–Knowledge of Excel, Word, PowerPoint
–English: Business level (TOEIC: 800 points)

――Ability ―― Have the idea and sense of digital transformation and UX / UI design
–Technology and experience for carrying out complex projects
–Strategic thinking to drive change
–Logical thinking, listening ability

0. Education & Work experience
–Diploma / Master / Bachelor degree in university of System Engineering, Information Technology, or other relevant discipline
–In depth experience of IT project management frameworks (Waterfall / Agile / Scrum / etc)
–ITIL certifications
–At least 5 years’ experience in project management
–At least 5 years’ experience in application development and / or IT operation
0. Technical Knowledge
–Experience in designing, building and maintaining largescale, high-performance systems and frameworks
–Test Automation (eg Selenium)
–Good knowledge of Cloud Infrastructure (AWS, Azure)
–Data modeling and storage with NoSQL and relational Databases like SQL
–Basic knowledge of Big Data (eg Spark, Hadoop)
–Basic knowledge of Data Analytics
–Coding practices and release management
–Basic knowledge of DevOps / RPA
–Excellent knowledge of excel and intermediate knowledge of word, and power point
–Business level English Skill (TOEIC: over 800)
0. Competencies
–Sense of Digital Transformation and User Experience / Interface design
–Skills and experience to manage complex projects
–Strategic and innovative thinking to drive changes
–Knowledge of logical thinking and active listening


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