Kento Yamazaki becomes Japan’s first “Armani Exchange” model for four consecutive seasons

The 2021 Spring / Summer advertising campaign visuals and image videos of the fashion brand “Armani Exchange”, in which actor Kento Yamazaki serves as an advertising model, will be released sequentially from the 14th. Yamazaki is the first company to appoint Japanese people for four consecutive seasons. “Armani Exchange” advertising modeled by Kento Yamazaki The theme of the visual advertising campaign is “character”. It is an advertising visual that shows Yamazaki’s individuality to the fullest, with a fearless expression and dynamic movements. In the image video, Yamazaki embodied the Armani Exchange brand concept with the theme of “strong, individual, and cross-gender.” On the official brand website, video content that includes behind-the-scenes advertising shooting and a special interview with Yamazaki is also open to the public. Yamazaki said, “This is the 4th time this term, but the shooting and clothes have evolved every time, and I had a lot of fun participating in it.” “Kane” is expressed in English. He also said about the completed advertisement, “We have created dynamic graphics and videos that take advantage of the action, so I hope many people will see it.”