Rei Maruyama plays the role of a nurse in a reenactment drama “After all, the expression is” entertainer “”

Rei Maruyama, a mimicking talent, will make her first appearance in a reenactment drama of the NTV variety show “THE Breakthrough File” (every Thursday from 19:00), which will be broadcast today. Rei Maruyama = Provided by NTV Maruyama will appear in a wooden hospital surrounded by abundant nature, “A big fire at the hospital! Save the children who can’t move !!”. One day, the work was finished. A fire breaks out in a deserted kitchen. The source of the fire is a ventilation fan. After many years of heating, the wood at the base of the ventilation fan was charred and ignited at low temperature. After contacting the fire department, mid-career nurse Satomi (Akane Hotta) tries to take four children out of the hospital with her junior Naho (Maruyama), but the fire is fast because it is made of wood. It is also full of smoke, so staying in the hospital for a long time can be life-threatening. Eventually, I couldn’t afford to wait for the arrival of the fire engine … Can the two nurses safely rescue the four children who were stuck in fear of a fire? What is a certain “thing” that nurse Satomi used to protect children from fire and smoke? Maruyama, who plays the role of a nurse enthusiastically, is showing off the familiar impersonation in the play. Maruyama and Hotta’s comments are as follows. –Mr. Hotta will appear in a “breakthrough drama” set in the medical field, following the previous role as a doctor. How was your role as a nurse this time? Hotta: When a fire breaks out, you have to create a sense of urgency while imagining CG. It was also difficult to get the feeling that I was in contact with the children I met for the first time in the hospital room. –Mr. Maruyama first appeared in the “breakthrough drama”. What was your impression of participating as an “actor”? Maruyama: Eh! Did you offer me as an “actor”? I didn’t know that (laughs). I was doing it while imitating quite a bit, so the facial expression may not have lost the “entertainer feeling” (laughs) ――What did you devise in creating the role? Hotta: Hair to look good in nursing clothes Make-up is natural by pulling it into a dumpling. In a tense scene, I tried to keep my voice low and to look gentle when interacting with children, but to look strong when in a pinch. Maruyama: There were many short lines such as “Eh!”, “Kya ~ !!”, and “Yes!”, So I wish I could convey them using facial expressions. Also, in line with the line “I eat too much in the middle of the night”, I aimed to be a junior of a little pocha hard worker who longs for Satomi, a beautiful, smart and nimble senior played by Mr. Hotta. ――What are your impressions of each other? Hotta: It was hard to endure laughter because impersonation was the first scene! Maruyama: I learned how to deal with each play very seriously. –As Mr. Hotta mentioned, there is a scene in the play where Mr. Maruyama imitates children, right? Maruyama: I was a little lonely because the play was that the child I was allowed to do in front of me wouldn’t laugh, but later I said, “It was fun! I’m glad that you said. Hotta: I was surprised when I saw the moment when the impersonator possessed it (laughs) ――There are scenes in the play where a girl hates blood sampling, but what are your memories of the hospital when you were a kid? Hotta: There was a Mickey sticker on the door of the hospital I went to when I caught a cold, and I was excited every time! I was a child who didn’t hurt the injection and thought it was rather interesting (laughs) Maruyama: When I had an operation to remove the needle stuck in my big toe, I cried because I was afraid to put a scalpel in it. That’s right. That voice was so loud that it echoed throughout the hospital (laughs) ――What kind of situation or occupation would you like to appear in the next “breakthrough drama”? Hotta: It was a tense story twice in a row. , I would like to challenge the story of a more relaxed time! Maruyama: I would like to appear as “Sister” “Robert Koakiyama” with Robert Akiyama (Ryuji) in the incident that occurs on the ship at Mojiko!