Was there a “divorce” crisis?Miyuki Oshima x Naoko Hamajima talks about “marriage life & marital relationship”

TOKYO FM’s program “Mitsui Home presents Curators-My Style x Your Style-” talks about “two people” who are active in different fields such as musicians, designers, writers, actors, and craftsmen. The guest broadcast on November 20th (Friday) is model Naoko Hamajima x comedy trio Miyuki Oshima in Morisanchu. This time, two people who struggle every day as mothers of one child talked about “changing couple relationships”.

Naoko Hamajima, Miyuki Oshima

◆ Over ten years of marriage … What is your current relationship?

Hamashima: How many years have you been married this year?

Oshima: It’s been 18 years.

Hamashima: Amazing! It’s wonderful. It’s been 21 years since we were there, but I often left home on location overseas, so it’s kind of like I was doing something (laughs).

Hamashima: Did you have a divorce crisis or a big fight?

Oshima: I think it happened, but I’ve forgotten it.

Hamashima: I understand! You will forget it. I was so angry at that time, but now I forgot why.

Oshima: That’s right. I remember getting angry. Moreover, I have only a faint memory of before my child was born. It’s become clearer since I was born, or it feels like I’m living a different life.

Hamashima: How many years have you been married since your child was born?

Oshima: It’s been 13 years.

Hamashima: We were born in the 15th year. It’s similar. My husband (broadcast writer, Osamu Suzuki) is in the same business, so can you give me some advice on Mr. Oshima’s work?

Oshima: When my child wasn’t feeling well, when he said, “I have an overseas location, but what should I do …”, he pushed me back and said, “Don’t go! I’ll call you. It’s okay!” My mother also came and took care of me together. It was very encouraging. I’m worried, but it feels like “I’ll do it!” However, when I come back, the house is messy and the laundry is piled up, but I’m really grateful.

Hamashima: There is nothing more courageous than pushing your back with “Welcome”.

Oshima: That’s right. Say “I’ll do it all!” I thought it was amazing.

Hamashima: When you say that, do you think “I’m glad I got married to this person”?

Oshima: It’s like a comrade, so it’s not like “I can’t fight without this person”, but now I feel like I’m in trouble if I don’t have him.

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