★ Today’s fortune ★ 12 Horoscope ranking No. 1 …? ★ January 15 ★

Today’s fortune-telling delivered by the entertainment news & column “TOKYO FM +” from the radio. “12 constellation ranking & one point advice” What is your fortune today?

[1st place]Libra

Today, I have a knack for moving from myself. Rather than pulling out what you want from the other party by bargaining or calculation, it is better for you to be honest and straight. Please give what you want first. Love luck is good.

[2nd place]Gemini

A day with excellent sensations, such as getting good hints and inspiration. It’s a suggestion that you’ll find the answer you want while you’re researching. A good day to make future plans.

[3rd place]Mizugameza

A day when your charm naturally overflows. It will also be a day of motivation and confidence. It’s going to be a little pressure, but today you’re in good luck! Let’s be a little bullish!


A day when ties with people close to you become stronger. Maybe I’m thinking what the other person is thinking? Maybe something will be pointed out by the partner. Feel free to say “Thank you for telling me” ♪


A day when you can get lucky by talking a lot with people. From light topics to solid stories, let’s talk with a variety of people. Also, today is a lucky day. Maybe you can get a little thing.


A day when you can concentrate. That concentration may be directed towards playing. If you set a goal and study ◎ Input will go smoothly.


A day when popularity is growing. Let’s involve various people and put your plan into reality ♪ If you can add a little intention and calculation to your remarks ◎ Your influence today is stronger!


Good luck at work. Taurus is a gutsy type, so if you get motivated, this is the one! The pressure will make you grow bigger. You are a person who can. Let’s win!


A day when you want to relax at home. If you spend more time at home, your mind and body will recover. Today is an unreasonable day, so don’t try to get 100 points, but let’s say it’s good if you get about 70 points.


A day when you feel difficult to move. Don’t think deeply, as your mind tends to lean towards the negative. Please loosen it on the day when you forgive yourself.


Somehow, a day that makes me rush. There are a lot of things I want to do and things I have to do, and it seems confusing. Let’s set priorities clearly and move on.


You may be disappointed about your home or your family. Think about whether it’s your problem or not. You can decide for yourself how to interact with your family.

■ Supervisor Profile: Yuna Tamaki
Belongs to Ikebukuro Fortune-telling Hall Serene. A unique fortune-teller who is also active as a voice actor and screenwriter. With the motto “Illuminate the future with words”, we will deliver messages from cards and stars to the counselor in loving words. Active in various media such as supervising apps and magazine articles.
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