Haruka Ayase and Hidetoshi Nishijima were surprised by the observational eyes.

An event just before the release of the movie version “Caution, Hazardous Wife” will be held in Tokyo on the 10th (Wednesday). Actress Haruka Ayase, actor Hidetoshi Nishijima, Yoshihiko Sato, Parko Hayashiya, Kenji Honnami, and Karina Maruyama attended.

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This work is a movie adaptation of the blockbuster drama broadcast in 2017. In the play, Ayase and Nishijima, who play the roles of a married couple, competed with Pe and Parko, Honnami and Maruyama for the position of the strongest couple.

Nishijima, who appeared in a black suit, said about Ayase, “Even when I’m talking like this, sometimes I’m completely distracted and amazed.” You know, “he commented. Ayase, dressed in a bright crimson dress, confessed, “I was surprised when I was surprised that I was immediately spotted,” and I wonder why (laughs). It’s amazing, “he praised Nishijima’s observation eyes.

After that, Ayase and Nishijima played the third match on the stage with Pae and Parko, Honnami and Maruyama as the strongest couple. “Birds, handle with care !? Duck-chan fast-moving confrontation” “Aim for a good couple (11 seconds 22)! Stopwatch bita stop confrontation” “If you love me, take it! Ping-pong catch confrontation” , It was a close battle in which each couple grabbed the victory for each event.

Then, the points were totaled, and the results were announced while tension was running between the three couples. The final confrontation, “If you love me, take it! Ping-pong catch confrontation”, the Honnami and Maruyama couple who achieved excellent results won the championship.

Maruyama, who said, “Of course, it will be more exciting if Mr. Nishijima and Mr. Ayase win,” he was stunned by the victory over Ayase and Nishijima. “I didn’t think there were so many points on the ball. Isn’t the point balanced?”, And Honnami said, “I’ve done it. It’s a very angry pattern.”

Even so, when I received the prize of high-class Japanese black beef 1122 (good couple) gram, Maruyama also smiled, “If it is Japanese black beef, I would like to cook it. Is there a Japanese black beef to boil? I would like to put it in it.” I was floating.

The movie version “Caution, Hazardous Wife” will be released nationwide from March 19th.

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