A hot spring lingerie shot full of gaps is released

Twitter was updated on the 10th (Wednesday) of the 2.5D model. The shooting off-shot of “Young Champion” (Akita Shoten) has been released.

[Photo]Undressing lingerie shot full of sex appeal

With a look and style that is too perfect, I am acting as a “2.5-dimensional model” that I do not know if it actually exists. “Young Champion” shows off a hot spring gravure full of sex appeal.

This time, I posted 4 off-shots from such hot spring gravure. It is a shot that feels a gap, from a shot full of her feeling that she is wearing a plain clothes style costume to a glamorous lingerie.

Fans praised this post, saying, “It’s too good …”, “The side shot is too good”, and “It’s strong”.

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