Ryuhei Maruyama Appears in the final episode of “Familiar Wife” Tadayoshi Okura thanks the staff

Ryuhei Maruyama of the idol group Kanjani Eight will be a special guest on the final episode of the Fuji TV drama “Familiar Wife” (every Thursday from 22:00) starring Tadayoshi Okura, who is a member of the group. Appear as. Ryuhei Maruyama = Provided by Fuji TV Maruyama plays a person who meets again at the place where the main character, Motoharu Kenzaki (Okura), who has time slipped again. A genuine Kansai person, wearing flashy clothes and high tension. Maruyama’s “massive candy balls” will be a key item to connect the two. What kind of scene will you develop with Motoharu? Before the rehearsal, when the staff introduced “I’m Ryuhei Maruyama!”, Okura first bowed to the staff saying “Thank you”, and then Maruyama said “I’m sorry, I’ll bother you!”. When Director Masato Hijikata sent a request for acting to Maruyama, who was a little nervous, he said, “Hello, get used to it.” I was wrapped in laughter. As the recording progresses, Maruyama will show off ad lib. Okura, who concentrates on acting in the actual performance, also laughs aloud without thinking that “cut!” Will be applied. After shooting the final cut, when the staff said, “Mr. Maruyama, it’s all up!”, Okura said “Thank you” and Maruyama said, “Thank you very much! Please continue to do your best.” I aimed at the staff. Maruyama’s comments are as follows. –About your impressions of this work. Everybody thinks once, if it was like this at that time, if it was like this … I feel like I’m experiencing it throughout Motoharu. Please, I really hope that all the people in this story will move in the right direction. The last episode of! What will happen! I’m really looking forward to it. –About Motoharu Kenzaki, who plays Okura. I sympathize with Motoharu, who is mercilessly human, and makes me happy and suffering. I want you to be happy. –About the theme song. Thank you for using the Kanjani Eight song. Personally, I like Okura’s singing verse. It symbolizes the world view of the drama. When it flows in the drama, the lacrimal glands are dangerous. –About the feelings of appearing as a special guest. It was very fresh and embarrassing to meet Okura at the drama site. Ah, now that I’m fighting at this site, I was able to experience it even a little, and I had a precious time. I was happy to meet the nostalgic staff. As for my role, I did the Kansai dialect (laughs) Look forward to it! (C) Fuji TV