Ask a business book! 140th Corona For those who are wondering how to spend their leisure time due to the disaster-How to create a new habit

A troubled business person. Atsushi Innan, a writer and book reviewer who has been certified as “the number one book reviewer in Japan”, will select business books that are effective for each problem. This is a business book for people who are worried that they don’t know what to do after work or on holidays. * ■ This time’s worries
“I can’t go out as I expected because of the corona sickness, I can’t meet people, and I don’t know what to do after work or on holidays.” important. If you have a habit, it will create a rhythm for your daily life. Moreover, rhythm also makes “dots” into “lines”, which is a great force when continuing work. On the contrary, if the habit that should have existed disappears, the rhythm may be lost immediately. As a result, it’s no wonder that it’s difficult to maintain a normal routine. This consultation is one of them. The influence of the corona has overturned various common senses so far, so it seems that what was possible until now can no longer be done as expected. However, I personally think that it is too serious to think about it. As a freelancer, I may feel that because I have been working “basically alone” and “without weekdays and holidays” for decades. After all, the situation doesn’t change when you think hard. On the contrary, when it comes to the return of society to its “pre-corona” state, I even feel that it will never happen. I think it’s better to think that the same era will not come anymore. In other words, now is the time for the “post-corona” lifestyle and values, and if so, first of all, you should take it easy (as much as possible). And from there, why not seek out “new habits”? Above all, the highest priority is to be comfortable with yourself. For example, I feel that “I don’t know what to do on a holiday” may be because I’m too caught up in my habits. Then, you just have to find out “a new habit to spend your holiday comfortably”. Switching and creating your own time In order to survive in the coming era, it is necessary to keep your mental health and not to commoditize. I think the most necessary element for that is “vacation”. Of course, vacations will refresh you and keep you mentally healthy, but moreover, you will need a lot of rest time to get new ideas that will innovate. (From “Introduction”) The author of “Resting Technology” (written by Masaki Nishida, Daiwa Bunko) also insists: If so, now that it’s easier to make your own time with teleworking time, you can think of it as an opportunity. “Resting Technology” (written by Masaki Nishida, Daiwa Bunko) However, it is also true that there are people who “do not feel like resting even if they take a rest.” If you’re starting to think about holidays negatively, you may be at the entrance to “weekend depression.” The accumulation of negative thoughts can lead to pessimism that “I can’t enjoy it even if I have a day off” and “I shouldn’t have a day off anyway”. But that doesn’t improve anything. If the brains of the holidays are completely occupied by work, it is like going to the office without taking a day off. The most effective way to prevent “weekend depression” is to divide the time into about. For example, if you divide it into two parts, morning and afternoon, and think about work in the morning, you should eliminate 100% of work in the afternoon and spend time on exercise, movies, and enjoying what you like. is. Of course, it doesn’t matter if it is divided into three parts: morning, afternoon, and night. (From pages 27 to 28) “It is unavoidable that work miscellaneous thoughts come in even on holidays,” and decide the time to think about work and miscellaneous things. For example, if you spend your time watching TV in the morning, you can do another appointment in the afternoon. That’s why it’s important to “switch”. In the past, work was the main focus, so it may not work at first. But if you can get into the habit, you will surely get used to it. And I think that what is especially important is “time to enjoy what you like,” that is, “playing.” If you can play at the time you should play, you will naturally be refreshed and it will have a positive effect on your future work. Finding a way to play that suits you The author of “Play More for Adults: How to Spend Work and Life-Changing Off-Time” (Makoto Naruke, PHP Business New Book) also unravels the value of playing. “Adults play more, how to spend off-time that changes work and life” (Makoto Naruke, PHP Business Shinsho) You can start or stop your favorite play anytime, and it will not bother anyone. Unlike projects that bet on company luck, you can work on it freely. Play is completely under your control.
If you want to live independently, you should play with humans anyway.
Moreover, the more serious and hard-working people are, the better they play. (From “Introduction-The more seriously you work, the better you should play”) However, there should be some people who say “I don’t know what to do” like this consultation. The “serious and hard-working person” that the author points out may be particularly so. “I’ve made time to play, but I don’t know what to do.” However, I can’t say I’m forever vacant. So what should we do? For those people, the author suggests that you first find some play about your work. For example, if you work for a bread maker, it’s really easy to try and compare all the plain yogurt sold at the local supermarket, which is a little different from the bread of your main job, or to compare the coffee of the convenience store. Start with.
You may be doing such things on a regular basis, but if you think of it as a play and try to enjoy it, the way you taste it will change.
Not only do you want to rank by comparing sourness, sweetness, and aroma, but you also want to think about what to do if you explain the difference to others. This is already a good play. (From page 37) When these comparisons become fun, you may want to compare things other than food. In other words, that is the first step to play. If you change the way you like it, you can play with anything depending on how you feel and how you think. You can use it on and off, and you can enjoy it because it is off. It’s simple, but I think it’s essential and very important. The author of “Strategic off-time tips to gain the power to earn money by getting out of the way” (Katsuyuki Ikemoto, Asahi Shimbun Publishing), who seriously enjoys holidays, also points out this point. I have. “The growth of annual income is determined by how you spend your holidays. Strategic off-time tips to gain the power to earn money” (Katsuyuki Ikemoto, Asahi Shimbun Publishing) Many people think that off is two sides of the same coin and is not consciously separated. ” In that sense, there may be an idea of ​​playing work and enjoying it like a game. The answer is “How can I get a high score (high profit) in the optimal process?” The idea of ​​thinking and having fun. The author emphasizes that this does not mean that the work is done loosely. You should make your work a game (play) and work hard to enjoy it on your holidays. If you are a business owner or sole proprietor, you can create the initial settings and basic rules for the game yourself. If you work for a company, you can participate in the game in the way you can on the default stage. While incorporating information such as trends in the world, economic conditions, and trends in the industry, this month’s results will be improved from last month. Aim to achieve the target score (sales). (Omitted)
Think seriously to improve your score. Seriously squeeze your wisdom to clear the stage. If you take your work seriously in this way, you may find it interesting little by little. (From pages 23 to 24) The interesting thing about the game of work is that the answer after clearing the stage is not universal. The answer is always in flux due to external factors such as the environment and social conditions. The idea is that if this is found, the “correct answer” of clearing the game will not come out forever, so it is interesting and rewarding. In other words, if you make your work “play”, you can be as serious about your work as you are with play. To put it another way, “work” or “play” doesn’t really matter. The important thing is to take a positive view of the situation in front of you so that you can naturally enjoy your work as if you were playing. So to speak, “how to spend time after work and holidays” depends on how you feel and how you think. If you can play with it and enjoy what you have in front of you, you will naturally feel fulfilled.

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