FamilyMart Introduces “UiPath” –Data-related work that took one day is completed in one hour

UiPath announced that FamilyMart has introduced the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform “UiPath”. Since its introduction, the company has operated more than 50 robots in cooperation with core systems. In addition to various operations of “Google Workspace”, these robots are in charge of data aggregation, analysis, processing, transmission, etc. for distribution of standard analysis reports to each store nationwide. As a result, regarding the work of extracting and listing the stores to be analyzed according to multiple conditions, the work that took about one day can be completed in one hour, and the person in charge can go to the follow-up work. Became. Regarding the reasons for choosing UiPath, FamilyMart cites its high affinity with Google Workspace, which the company has adopted as a standard communication / collaboration tool, its abundant track record in Japan and overseas, and its ease of workflow development. We also highly evaluated the expandability that can be started flexibly from a small start and the function of “UiPath Automation Cloud” that can efficiently manage robots even in a remote work environment. In addition, the free online learning service “UiPath Academy” was also a major selection point.