Haraichi Iwai, Barbie and Daigenka of the same period !? Dissatisfaction with Nakai explodes

In the TBS variety show “Masahiro Nakai’s Smiles on Friday” (20: 57-22: 00) broadcast on the 12th, Hanako, Yonsen Toushin and Watanabe celebrate the 15th anniversary of the comedy combination Haraichi. A total of 29 entertainment entertainers gather. Masahiro Nakai and Haraichi TV’s annual appearances of more than 300 elite entertainers, Haraichi Yu Sawabe, have been released for the seventh consecutive year. A super-difficult question with a correct answer rate of 5%! Sawabe quiz, basketball and festival bondage characters? Sawabe’s character transition library, as well as “Jump out! 15 years worth of nostalgic videos such as “Science-kun” and “King’s Brunch” will be introduced. Sawabe is currently active in many variety shows, but the only job that failed was a program with TBS … What is that program !? Yuki Iwai, his companion, is currently making a big break as a “rotten entertainer” even in a long-selling and variety show whose book is unusual. In “Kin Suma”, a pair of pants that can no longer be seen … Idol costume … Iwai’s youthful red shame image is released. Iwai also talks about the collaboration contest with Naomi Watanabe at “Unprecedented !! Laughing Festival The Dream Match 2020”, which was a big buzz on SNS last year. Meanwhile, in the studio, a big genka between Iwai and Barbie’s synchronization broke out from the inside story of his youth. It’s supposed to be the 15th anniversary, but it’s a rainy day … In addition, Iwai’s dissatisfaction with Nakai exploded. The cause is Nakai’s prank !? And his best friend Sunshine Ikezaki reveals the back face of Iwai. Iwai’s true identity, such as salary, mother’s complex, and love affairs, becomes clear. In addition, Haraichi, who made his first semi-final advance in “M-1 Grand Prix 2008” just three years after his debut, revealed the “Entertainer S Incident” that happened behind the scenes at that time. Who is the senior entertainer S who made a startling remark? And Iwai, who is currently attracting attention from all sides and has made a break, but by the time Iwai talks about his benefactor, the female talent S There was … A few years ago, when Iwai wasn’t on TV very often, the words S gave to him, who co-starred on a variety show, helped Iwai’s heart. This time, the benefactor S has appeared in the studio. He talks about his feelings for Iwai. The chemical reaction between Nakai and 29 unique Watanabe entertainers, including Haraichi, who is currently on a big break, Hanako, Yonsen Toushin, Lotti’s Soichi Nakaoka and Sunshine Ikezaki, is a must-see. Haraichi’s real face, which can only be seen in “Kin Suma”, and the unexpected development are full of things. (C) TBS