Hitachi and Nishitetsu, Demonstration to Promote Behavior Change of Transportation Users–Toward a Balance between Safe Movement and Economic Revitalization

Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi) and Nishinihon Railway (Nishitetsu) will carry out a demonstration experiment from March 17 to promote behavior change of people who use public transportation by utilizing Hitachi’s “Nudge application technology”. The purpose is to achieve both movement in line with the new normal society and revitalization of the economy. The demonstration experiment will be conducted using a smartphone app for flights that pass through the Tenjin / Hakata area of ​​Fukuoka City on the Nishitetsu bus. When participants in the demonstration experiment search for routes using the app, they avoid congestion that combines pre-entered participant preferences, weather-based traffic congestion forecasts, real-time congestion information for commercial facilities, and route information to destinations. Movement patterns such as routes and how to spend time are displayed. This aims to encourage participants to change their behavior and bring benefits to participants, transportation companies, and surrounding commercial services.

Image of behavior change promoted in demonstration experiments (Source: Hitachi, Nishitetsu) For example, when the bus is crowded, depending on the preference of the participants, we will provide coupons that can be used at nearby vacant cafes to avoid peak congestion and avoid the cafe Encourage them to use it. After the demonstration experiment is completed, we will verify how much they have changed their behavior based on the prompted information through questionnaires and interviews with the participants.

Display procedure of movement pattern in demonstration experiment (Source: Hitachi, Nishitetsu)