Implementing integrated corporate management and AI utilization in RPA–Blue Prism announces strategy

Blue Prism held a new strategy presentation on March 11th. Mr. Taishi Hase, the president who took the stage at the recital, said that the issue is that RPA is limited to business improvement, and that it will promote integrated management and AI for companies to utilize.

Mr. Taishi Hase, President of Blue Prism In 2020, the company’s sales increased 67% year-on-year and the number of customers increased 60%. This growth rate is said to be the highest globally. Mr. Hase cites the acceleration of DX (digital transformation) in Corona, the provision of the intelligent automation platform “Blue Prism Cloud”, and the cooperation system with partner companies. The contract renewal rate for the company’s services is 98%, and switching from other companies’ services or combined use is said to be 40%. Blue Prism has a vision of “digital workers in every organization.” “Digital worker” is a platform service provided by the company jointly with NTT Communications. Based on the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) function that automates simple tasks performed on a PC, the service has functions such as cognitive function that extracts information from images, sentence comprehension by artificial intelligence (AI), and chatbots. doing. As a result, it will be possible to automatically perform sophisticated and complex tasks. In Japan, in addition to the declining working-age population, there are concerns about the aging and complexity of existing IT systems, as it is said to be the “cliff of 2025.” In addition, as the corona virus requires remote work and non-contact, it is required to quickly launch a business process. Under these circumstances, Mr. Hase said, “I want to create a world that makes good use of digital workers, rather than relying solely on people and systems.”