Rea Hanasaki, a problem child in the gravure world, has decided to release her first photobook, and released a swimsuit off-shot of Manmaru Bust.

Talent Hanasaki Rea updated Twitter on Thursday, 11th. Along with announcing the release of the photo book, the shooting off-shot was released.

[Photo]Rea Hanasaki, Swimsuit off-shot of Manmaru Bust

Rea Hanasaki has been on the cover of manga magazine three times in less than a year since her debut. When he appeared in “Out x Deluxe” (Fuji TV), he attracted a lot of attention as a “problem child in the gravure world.”

Hanasaki announced that she will release her first photo book “Hanabira” on April 30th (Friday). “I’m really happy with the long-awaited photo collection,” he showed off a refreshing swimsuit.

Many fans commented on this report, saying, “There is no reason not to buy it,” “I’m glad that Lea-chan’s dream came true,” and “I’m so happy that I cook red rice!”

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