Strengthen collaboration with partners–Claudian’s 2021 business strategy

Claudian recently announced its business strategy for 2021. The 2020 results announced just before set a new record high for the sixth consecutive quarter, with a 36% expansion of the global customer base, more than 550 customers, and a 63% increase in the company’s total storage capacity. Is growing. Based on these achievements, the policy is to further strengthen cooperation between channel partners and key technology partners.

Cloudian CEO Michael Tso gave an overview of Cloudian CEO Michael Tso, who first introduced the company’s mission. He said he would work on “solving data gravity problems” and “providing cloud-native S3 storage to enterprises.” He also emphasized that as a result of market research, the company received top ratings in all six major object storage use cases: analytics, archiving, backup, cloud storage, and hybrid cloud storage. Is the “leader of object storage”.

Cloudian mission

According to a Gartner survey, vendor rankings by major object storage use cases The company’s partner strategy currently has three types of partners: “channel partners,” “solution partners,” and “OEM partners.” Channel partners are Value Added Resellers (VARs), and partners in Japan fall under this category. Solution partners are businesses that utilize the company’s products / technologies to provide products and solutions to end users, including various IT vendors and cloud businesses. OEM partners are businesses that sell their products under their own brand. The latest partnership is in close collaboration with VMware, which integrates the company’s object storage into VMware V-Cloud products as well as the VMware vSAN Persistent Services platform. The company is also developing business 100% through partners in Japan, and will continue to focus on close cooperation and cooperation with partners in 2021.

Cloudin’s Global Leading Partner

Domestic Partner Strategy Next, Mr. Brian Burns, CEO of the Japanese corporation, explained the business strategy in Japan. As a result of market research, he introduced that the average annual growth rate of scale-out object storage capacity in Japan is 31.9%. Scale-out object storage is the fastest growing area of ​​storage, he said. In addition, the company’s growth rate is about 540% higher than average, indicating that it is a leader in its growth in fast-growing markets. He cited three reasons: “The variety of object storage uses is increasing,” “close collaboration with alliance partners,” and “benefits from market trends such as cloud migration and data return to on-premises.” ing. In addition, “matching the functions unique to Cloudian with the environment unique to Japan” will support the company’s growth. Specifically, the feature that the operational load is close to zero due to the “self-managed storage” function and the operational load does not increase even if the storage capacity increases can be a solution to the shortage of engineers, which is a concern in Japan. .. In addition, the data distribution mechanism “Erasure Coding” adopted by the company has a high capacity efficiency of up to 80% for data protection, and by utilizing the company’s unique function “Distributed Erasure Coding”, it is a single unit. Storage clusters can be distributed across multiple data centers. The condition is that the latency between data centers is 10 ms or less, but in Japan, the quality of communication lines is high, and since this condition can be met in a wide range such as within Honshu, data is geographically dispersed to increase the protection level. , A significant cost reduction can be realized. It aims for further growth in the domestic market with functions that match the characteristics of the Japanese market.