Trend Micro announces new security platform “Trend Micro Vision One”

On March 12, Trend Micro announced “Trend Micro Vision One,” which is positioned as a new security platform. Initially, it has a risk visualization function, and in the future, various functions for external cooperation and various defense measures will be added in sequence. Trend Micro Vision One is an extension of “Trend Micro XDR” that detects cyber attack activities on endpoints such as PCs and servers and in network environments, and supports the implementation of countermeasures. The company’s security software and services used in computers and other devices act as sensors to detect threats, aggregate the detected content in Trend Micro Vision One, and perform correlation analysis to enable countermeasures. Initially, the risk visualization function notifies the administrator of the organization of threat signs and dangers such as the presence or absence of vulnerabilities, the use of the cloud that the organization does not allow, and login from an unusual time or place. In addition, API linkage will be possible, and by the end of 2021, “Trust & Insight” will be added to link with SIEM (security information and event management) and SOAR (security operation and response automation) products via API. With two functions, for example, it is possible to grasp the signs of an attack and limit access to systems that may be affected by the attack.

Conceptual image