Naoki Matayoshi, what I want to convey to new members of society “You should make great use of second-hand bookstores.”

On the 7th, comedy combination piece Naoki Matayoshi developed a theory about the utilization of second-hand bookstores on the YouTube channel “Peace Matayoshi Naoki[Swirl]Official Channel”. Naoki Matayoshi On this day, Matayoshi released a video titled “A message only because Matayoshi is 40 years old who has experienced many failures. A must-see for those who have been working for a long time[# 15 Hundred Three]”. Based on my own experience, I would like to convey to new members of society, “When I was young, I was greatly helped by second-hand bookstores. If I am a new member of society and I do not have much money yet, I think it is better to make great use of it.” Said. Matayoshi explained the reason, “Since there was an entrance called an antiquarian bookstore, I read various works there and thought,’Books are really interesting.’ So, at the age of 30, buy a lot of books. It became. ” When he was young, he read five special books such as 100 yen, saying, “It’s almost like rain. When I turn it over, it looks like it’s sandy (laughs). I read a new book as an adult. At that time, it was too white, and I had the impression that “books are so dazzling?” In addition, while recommending the use of second-hand bookstores, Matayoshi, who is also active as a writer, said, “Some people say that writer and artist do not have royalties, so why not buy it second hand? I think. It’s insanely understandable. ” Therefore, “I am 40 years old, and I only buy things that can only be bought at second-hand bookstores. After that, I try to buy new books and published books,” he said.