The answer to the question “What type of woman do you like?” From EXIT and Daiki Kanechika and Takuya Kimura is …!?

TOKYO FM’s program “Takuya Kimura Flow supported by GYAO!”, In which Takuya Kimura welcomes guests with whom he has a close relationship and lives lithely in his life, and approaches the charm and strength of the guests. For the guest in March, comedy combination EXIT’s Rintaro. , And Daiki Kanechika appeared. On the broadcast on March 7th (Sun), we showed the episode when the two met and the combination was formed. Furthermore, Mr. Kanechika’s dream and unexpected side are revealed …!?

◆ What made you meet and form a duo?

Rintaro. After the dissolution of the baby gang, who used to form a combination, she was active as a comedian with “Chara Otoko Mandan” as a story. At one point, a junior, Kanechika, who had five years of experience in performing arts, asked me, “Why don’t you stir” M-1 (Grand Prix) “!?” I wasn’t a junior, so I said, “Hey, yabe! “I thought,” he recalls.

However, I bought the courage to talk to my seniors who had never spoken and entered the “M-1 Grand Prix” as a temporary combination. Rintaro. Said, “This must be assembled!”, And this time Rintaro. Mr. Kanechika suggested that he form a combination, but Mr. Kanechika said, “No, I’m okay with” M-1 “!” And he refused.

Kimura was surprised to hear such a sudden development, saying “Lie (laughs) !?”. Rintaro. Said, “I’ve been held once, so I want to go out with him.”

On the other hand, Mr. Kanechika, who refused, said, “It’s different! I wanted to prove that” M-1 “was exciting in the way I wanted to do, and that I was right. Actually (provisionally) When I made a combination and appeared in “M-1”, it was so exciting that I was already satisfied. “This is cool! I thought, “No more! Then, the amount of heat (Mr. Rintaro) was stronger than I expected, and I said, “Wow, Dally! “Like (laughs),” he confesses his feelings at the time.

Rintaro to this story. Mr. Kimura said, “That’s no good. I’m holding it once!” Kimura said, “While I turned on my senior, when my senior said,’OK, let’s do it!’ “Wow, this guy! “That’s …” with a big laugh.

In addition, Mr. Kanechika said, “I want to be a star overseas,” and refused to form a combination, but Rintaro. He couldn’t give up and persuaded him, “No, wait a minute!” “First of all, I’ll make you a star in Japan!” I’m starting a heavy life, so I sent a terrifyingly long sentence on LINE (bitter smile). “

Furthermore, Rintaro. Said, “Give me only one year. I’ll make you a star in one year!”, And Mr. Kanechika agreed. Rintaro has officially formed a duo and continues to this day. “So now, it feels like an extension period (bitter smile),” and Kanechika says, “I’m always saying,’I’ll quit anytime!'”.

It goes without saying that the two of us are currently active, but Rintaro. “If you don’t keep him busy, he’ll leave for overseas (laughs),” Kimura said, “Oh, that’s right !? If the extension period is “I’m leaving EXIT in the next step”, by the way, where do you think your destination is? “, Mr. Kanechika asked. “It’s the second decoction, but it’s New York,” he said with his ambition (!?).

◆ Kanechika’s “romance bible” is “shoujo manga”

After that, when Mr. Kanechika’s dream story got excited, Kimura said, “Somehow, the composition of Kanechika is completely” animation “.” For Kimura’s analysis, Rintaro. Nodded loudly, “(My partner)’ONE PIECE’is a textbook. He’s like the main character of’Weekly Shonen Jump’. He doesn’t smell like a woman at all, and I hate bending. It’s like sticking to yourself, “says Kanechika’s personality.

When asked by Kimura, “Then, what is a love textbook?”, Kanechika said, “It’s going to be a shojo manga (laughs). It’s in shojo manga and” Weekly Shonen Jump. ” I was reading a little romance comedy, “he said, citing” I “s,” “Video Girl Ai,” “Nisekoi,” and “Ichigo 100%” as his romance bible.

When asked by Kimura about his “favorite female type,” Kanechika said, “I only know what it looks like as an entertainer. I like a child like Aya Tojo from “%”. I’m a pretty nerd. I really like 2D! “

The next broadcast on March 14th (Sun) will also be delivered with the two continuing EXITs as guests. Please look forward to it!

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