Which programming language should web developers learn?

Over the last decade, more and more applications have moved into the cloud, taking the form of web-based applications that work the same on most devices and operating systems. The era of using an operating system for a particular application is almost over. Now you can store your data in the cloud, access it from a web app, edit it to your heart’s content, and then save, upload, and share your data with just a few taps and clicks. Of course, at the heart of these advances is the Internet, and the evolution of many applications into services that run on remote cloud-based hardware is also a major factor. This has significantly reduced the resource requirements for the app to run properly, allowing it to run primarily with minimal requirements based on the OS version on the device. All services are backed by a team of talented web developers. Developers code the individual elements that make up the overall experience, which protects the website or portal itself, the connection to the back-end system, the UI experience, and even for a large number of users. It covers a wide range of security protocols. In development, we provide almost the same experience for each unique user every day, quickly and accurately. This article introduces the demanding programming languages ​​used to develop (and maintain) these services for those with coding skills and those who are constantly honing their skills. 1. “Python” Python has dominated many programming language rankings in recent years and will be introduced first in this article. Is there anything Python can’t do? The language is known for its flexibility in scaling web-based applications. And because it runs on most platforms, apps written in Python are available on all supported device types without modification. In addition, it has a good reputation for ease of use. For this reason, Python is one of the programming languages ​​that is easy to learn and comes in handy in actual work. (You can read more at Tech Republic Japan)