Kyoko Sasaki Anna, Tomoaki Ogura’s words tears “surprised” “remembered”

Announcer Kyoko Sasaki of Fuji TV showed tears in the words of Tomoaki Ogura in the Fuji TV talk show “Bokura no jidai” (every Sunday from 7:00 to 7:30) broadcast on the 14th. .. Kyoko Sasaki Announcer “Tokudane!”, An information program of the same station that marks the end of 22 years of history in March. Ogura was the general moderator, and Anna Sasaki was the sub-moderator until 2009. Looking back on his memories, Ogura suddenly confessed, “I didn’t come with various people. Kyoko-chan has been the longest 10 years. I thought she was an amazing person.” Anna Sasaki exclaimed, “When !? I didn’t feel it at all!” And Ogura said, “I’m smart and I know things, so I can leave it to me with confidence. It was encouraging to be next to me.” “I thought I was really hated,” he grinned. “When I talked about track and field at the opening talk, Kasai (Shinsuke) and I stood for about 10 minutes without holding anything. At that time, I was still immature at 26 or 27, so I think I’ve been hated for a long time. It seems that a bitter memory has revived, “I wonder if you think it’s a powerless guy …”, “I really want you to admit it, but it’s not easy to praise me.” Kyoko I was wondering if he would say, “Chan, you did a good job.” “Fufu … I remembered (laughs).” Due to maternity leave, he left the sub-moderator in 2009. Ogura said, “I thought he would come back after childcare leave, so I myself. I think Kyoko probably wanted to come back. That was probably a shock.” When touched, Anna Sasaki exclaimed, “I wanted to go back. I couldn’t see it for a while, after all. I didn’t want to see it while holding my child.” Ogura said, “I don’t have any personnel rights. As long as I’m a professional, I have a great idea that no matter who sits next to me, I have to do my own program properly. To be honest, when it’s easy to do Sometimes it’s hard to do. Some commentators say that this person isn’t good at it. Sometimes I wonder why this person isn’t good at all. Who do you say? “I don’t (laughs)”, and Anna Sasaki said, “I was surprised. I remembered. I was fighting. Various things.”