Mai Shinuchi and Audrey Wakabayashi were thrilled to visit “I was so happy …”

Mai Shinuchi of the idol group Nogizaka46 will appear on the Nippon Broadcasting System “Nogizaka46’s All Night Nippon” (every Wednesday from 25:00 to 27:00), which was broadcast at midnight on the 10th. Just before the live broadcast of the program on the 3rd, I recalled that Audrey’s Masayasu Wakabayashi came to greet me. Mai Shinuchi “Before the live broadcast last week, Mr. Wakabayashi of Audrey, a personality of” All Night Nippon “Saturday, came to the Nippon Broadcasting Studio just to greet me. That’s amazing, isn’t it? That Wakabayashi-san cut it out. Shinnai was a remote performer and was absent from the studio, so he exchanged greetings with Wakabayashi remotely and received a souvenir. The reason why Wakabayashi came to greet Shinnai was to break into the TBS radio “Wednesday JUNK Ryota Yamasato’s Barren Discussion”, which is the counterprogram of “Nogizaka46’s All Night Nippon” on the same day. It was. Shinnai said, “(The staff) suddenly said,’I have a meeting left,’ and said,’I understand.’ I wondered what it was, and when I glanced at the screen, Mr. Wakabayashi came out. It’s like “Eh!”. Please say hello like “Good morning!” ” Then, Shinnai, who heard “Audrey’s All Night Nippon” after that, said, “I was so happy that Mr. Wakabayashi and Mr. Kasuga (Toshiaki) repeatedly gave my name to explain this process in the program. He said, “I was grinning while listening to it, but at that time I thought that the postcard craftsmen who would be introduced to the email would feel like this. Radio. I was so happy to be called or tampered with my name. ” The program can be listened to on radiko within a week after the broadcast (only for Premier members outside the area).