TBS new program “Ravit!” EXIT, Miki, Akiko Yada, Honnami & Maruyama and others appear

The regular performers of the new TBS variety show “Ravit!” (Every Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 9:55), which will start on March 29, were announced on the 14th. “Ravit!” Regular performers announce “Ravit!”, Which is broadcast as a program after the information program “Good Luck!”, Is a variety of life idea discovery that makes your life 10 times more enjoyable. With the themes of “clothing,” “food,” “living,” and “play,” we will deliver “fun!” That can be easily reached through “favorite = Love it” that first-class professionals do not really want to teach. The MC will be Akira Kawashima, a comedy duo, and Mako Tamura, an announcer of the same station. This time, “Ravit! ]17 regular groups from Monday to Friday have been decided. On Monday, Hiroyuki Baba (Robert), who has a cooking skill comparable to that of a professional, Karina Maruyama, who is now sought after for variety shows (Kiriya Haruka, Anri, Tomoka Tanabe), and Karina Maruyama, who will be the first regular appearance as a couple, book Kenji Honnami. On Tuesday, Bibiru Oki supports the program with stable talk power. Then, a big break Miki (Asei, Asei) who is a brother manzai who has a good breath, and Kusanagi Miyashita (Koki Kusanagi, Kane Fumitaka Miyashita) who is very popular with a negative manzai appear every other week, and as a designer as well as a talent Chinatsu Wakatsuki, who is also active, will appear. On Wednesday, Hidetsugu Shibata (untouchable) who excites the program with sharp tsukkomi, the finalist of “M-1 Grand Prix” for the third consecutive year, this time is the first regular on the national net (Shintaro Moriyama, Lily), as well as a variety show as an actress But Akiko Yada who is active. On Thursday, Akira Ishida (NON STYLE), a dad with three children who is talking about his family on SNS, a young talented comedy combination New York (Kazuya Shima, Hiromasa Yashiki), who is now a hot topic, not only eating but also cooking Gal Sone has a good reputation. On Friday, Kunihiro Kawashima will show his talent in the art world with his overly unique sensibility! (Wild bomb). And EXIT (Rintaro., Daiki Kanechika), who has overwhelming popularity and ability, and Manzai combination Tokyo Hoteison (Takeru, Shogo), who is rapidly increasing in popularity due to their unique taste, will appear every other week. In addition, Hirohisa Ota (Jungle Pocket) and Chihiro Kondo, who are also famous as good friends, will appear together. (C) TBS