“Tokudane!” Last 2 weeks, special project every day Special corner revival & successive performers appeared

In the Fuji TV information program “Information Presenter Tokudane!” (Every Monday-Friday 8: 00-), which will be broadcast on the 26th, the general moderator Tomoaki Ogura will be the culmination of the 22-year history. A special program will be broadcast every day from the 15th. Tomoaki Ogura (left) and Noritoshi Furuichi = Provided by Fuji TV On the 15th, a dialogue with freecaster Jiro Shinbo, who Ogura wants to talk about most, was realized. The two are almost unfamiliar, but why does Kokura want to meet now? And what does Jiro talk with Ogura? On the 16th, “Resurrection!” Morning Hit Studio “”. It is one of the special projects of “Tokudane!”, In which the musicians themselves are invited to perform live performances in the studio, which is a masterpiece that prevailed in Showa, Heisei and Issei. This time, the singer AI will appear. On the 17th, “Ogura base” Tomoaki Ogura x Noritoshi Furuichi “”. Mr. Furuichi, who has been 9 years since his first appearance in “Tokudane!” In 2012, wants to ask Ogura. “Ura Dane!” Special Edition “. Famous performing arts reporters gathered and talked live about what would happen if the current performing arts were handled in the atmosphere of the program at that time. On the 19th,” Resurrection! “Don” “Konishi’s fashionable thief” “. Don Konishi slashes the celebrity’s fashion, and the specialty corner is back. Together with Reiko Yokono, she checks the celebrity’s plain clothes in season. “Tokudane!” Commentator, Keigo Takeda, who passed away in 2016, will be followed by a live solo performance by the rakugo artist Hanami Yanagiya. On the 23rd, “Come back!” Run! Three-sided detective ” A special edition of “Run! Three-sided detective”, a corner where Shinji Yamashita thoroughly investigates interesting articles in magazines and newspapers around the world. This time, we will track the gossip about “Tokudane!”. On the 24th, “Dave SP” Star Marumie Channel “”. The final episode of the overseas project that has continued since the beginning of “Tokudane!”. The world news selected by Dave Spector will be shown at once. Ogura and the five women. ” Announcers Kyoko Sasaki, Minako Nakano, Rei Kikukawa, Yaeko Umezu, Yuki Yamasaki, and other female casters of “Tokudane!” On the 26th, the final episode, looking back on all 5,642 broadcasts, successive performers appeared one after another. And Ogura himself presented “Tokudane!”. What on earth does Kokura talk about? In addition, Kobukuro appears in the studio and sings live songs enthusiastically to add flowers to the final episode.Tomoaki Ogura (left) and Jiro Shinbo = same (C) Fuji TV