Tsubaki Ito boldly shows off his powerful K-cup bust with his debut work

Gravure idol Ito Tsubaki has released the latest image DVD “Hajirai K Cup” (currently on sale 4,400 yen including tax, sold by Takeshobo). Tsubaki Ito, a gravure idol who released the DVD “Hajirai K Cup” Tsubaki Ito, who will make her gravure debut on the same DVD, is 27 years old and boasts one of the largest K cup busts in the gravure world. Although he is not tall at 158 ​​cm, the three sizes are B105, W61, and H89 from the top, and the fair-skinned plump body is attractive, and he is showing off plenty of clothes and swimsuits from the 1st DVD. The charm of Ito is the K-cup bust. The bust, which stands out even in clothes, becomes even more powerful when it comes to swimwear. In this work, you can fully enjoy the bust by wearing a radical swimsuit that hides only the top. I tend to focus on the K-cup bust that has a strong presence, but there are also racy scenes such as ice licking that I can not think of as the first gravure work, and the sexyness of 27 years old is also bursting.